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Jimmy Crikey's Adventures in Parallel Worlds (The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey)

Category:Romance - Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Author:Wallace E Briggs

  • Publisher: Independently published
  • Publication Date: September 16, 2021
  • Number of Pages: 271
  • ISBN-13: 979-8475680520
  • ASIN: B09GG7K31F

Jimmy Crikey's Adventures in Parallel Worlds: Jimmy vs Wormz by Wallace Briggs When the four guardian witches of Earth cannot overpower the alien omnivorous species of wormz plaguing Earth, it is up to Jimmy to save the world. Hailing from an advanced planet called Attalia, Jimmy is an orphan living on planet Earth. But after the witches of Earth lie powerless against the wormz, he looks for a technologically cutting-edge solution against the wormz with the help of his friends in Attalia. Jade, a witch in training, joins Jimmy on his spaceship to aid him in his quest, but they get ambushed by wormz on their way. Narrowly escaping the dangerous situation, they are rescued and brought to Attalia, where President Alpha goes into action immediately. He instructs the top scientists in Attalia to find a solution to this threat that has spread to other dimensions and now endangers other species. Their planned strategies are useless in the face of the regeneration powers wormz have, and the ability to bore into parallel worlds. When Jade gets infected by the wormz, the story becomes a suspense-filled mystery. Will he be able to make it and can the heroic duo be able to save the world?

Jimmy Crikey's Adventures in Parallel Worlds: Jimmy vs Wormz by Wallace Briggs is a fantastic science-fiction story involving aliens, otherworldly dimensions, and fun twists and turns. Briggs is a terrific writer who engages audiences with his superb world-building and sophisticated characters. The book's protagonist, Jimmy, is a kindhearted and heroic orphan who has lost his parents but maintains a close friendship from both sides of the universe. The prose is dazzling, the imagery stunning, and the adventure is a pulsating experience that transports readers to exciting worlds. Jimmy and Jade's captivating adventure will reel young readers in and make their imagination go wow as they read about witches, aliens, and crazy technology. Jimmy Crikey's Adventures in Parallel Worlds: Jimmy vs Wormz is the perfect read for tweens and teenagers who love space fiction and incredible action. It is imaginative, cunningly plotted, and loaded with huge doses of action. An exhilarating ride for fans of young adult fiction, fantasy, and science fiction.

Reviewed By: Christian Fernandez

Reviewed Date: December 9, 2021

Category: Romance - Fantasy/Sci-Fi

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