Fiction - Drama

Like Falling from an Airplane

Category:Fiction - Drama

Author:Jim Antonini

  • Publisher: Pump Fake Press
  • Publication Date: March 11, 2022
  • Number of Pages: 154
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-578-36646-3

Like Falling from an Airplane by Jim Antonini introduces readers to intriguing characters and a fascinating tale of forbidden love, betrayal, and adventure. Jonathan is a man who is reckless, and prone to taking risks. While his brother, William is a disciplined, well-mannered man who completes his education and becomes a doctor, Jonathan moves from one disaster to another. When readers meet him, he loses his mother’s car, steals a new car, and gets himself arrested. But his sister-in-law, Catherine is about to rock his life. While they have opposing character traits, going outside for a smoke creates a strong connection between the two. With the connection growing stronger every day, can they stop themselves and remember that Catherine belongs to someone else? Can Jonathan get any better?

Jim Antonini’s Like Falling from an Airplane has an irresistible appeal to fans of literary fiction and romance. Jonathan is a hilarious character, a rebel who lives life on his own terms. Everything changes when he begins to develop a strong relationship with Catherine, a relationship that will arouse diverse emotions in readers. This is a fully drawn, deftly written tale with sophisticated characters. Antonini’s superior storytelling skills shine in this narrative — the well-sculpted characters, the relentless drama, the stellar prose, and the vividly written setting. In turn, tender and fierce, this novel offers a delightful journey to fans of romance and literary fiction; the colorful; characters make the story continually engaging and the fine writing makes it hard to put down. This writer won’t fail to impress fans of the genre. 

Reviewed By: Cristina Prescott

Reviewed Date: September 17, 2022

Category: Fiction - Drama