Thrillers, Suspense & Mystery

Kate's Whisper

Carrie Wiegman (Novelsy, LLC)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

Perfect for fans of sleuth and crime thrillers, Kate's Whisper by Carrie Wiegman follows Special Agent Kate Jacobson and her colleague, Agent Layne Ward, as they start an investigation into the death of a young woman by drowning. It is not long before they become painfully aware that they are dealing with a serial killer. More bodies turn up and Kate is under pressure to uncover the identity of the killer before more people are killed. Kate is not an ordinary agent as she has a secret guide who whispers to her, helping her with pointers and clu...

The Dao (The SIGMA Chronicles)

J.W. Bell (Indies United Publishing House LLC)

| Reviewed by Franklin Bauer

The Dao (The SIGMA Chronicles) by J.W. Bell is a beguiling thriller with resonant themes, an entry into a series that will appeal to readers who enjoy stories brimming with conspiracy and featuring strong political themes. The characters are rock-solid and the conflict moves quickly from the personal to an international level. Kim Jong-un of Korea is will to defy the accord banning the use of nuclear weapons, and as much as he wants to fire his missile, it seems to be tampered with. His top scientist dies, leaving a cryptic message that insinua...


Don Tassone (Adelaide Books)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

Francesca: A Novel by Don Tassone examines a radical theme — the elevation of a female priest into the papacy. At a time when there is a lot of controversy in the Catholic Church about ordaining women to the priesthood, the author has crafted a spellbinding, delightful story about Jessica Simon who becomes Francesca after being elected the first female pope. It is the year 2055, and the new pope is poised to lead the Church after the heart of Jesus and following the simplicity of St. Francis of Assisi, who devoted his life to following the teac...

The Energumen

G. K. Fotou (Quo Vadis Press)

| Reviewed by Daniel Rhodes

The Energumen by G. K. Fotou is a captivating, fast-moving, psychological thriller with strong hints of the supernatural and a story filled with memorable and carefully crafted characters. Trina Langford is a young woman who has had her fair share of suffering in a world that brims with betrayal and evil. She is betrayed by her boyfriend who goes with the housekeeper, drugged and coarced into committing an unspeakable act. With little time to process neither the housekeeper's betrayal nor Eddy's cruelty, a powerful, ancient evil is unleash...

Murder in Black and White

Rob Lawton (RLawtonSquared)

| Reviewed by Philip Zozzaro

Jack Winston is a Detective with the NYPD who stares into death’s eyes with every shift. Recently, he flirted with death when he stood trial for the murder of his best friend. The trial generated a ton of ink for the daily tabloids, and the odds for his conviction were high. However, the evidence was relatively circumstantial and the jury acquitted Jack. As the burden of his ordeal begins to abate, Jack resolves to locate who killed his friend and framed him. Jack is blessed with a girlfriend named Caroline, a kind nurse and intrepid sleuth wh...

Terror Bay: A Psychological Thriller

Lisa Towles (Indies United Publishing)

| Reviewed by Daniel Rhodes

Terror Bay: A Psychological Thriller by Lisa Towles follows a genuinely flawed and relentless protagonist on a dangerous quest to locate a woman to whom he is connected by fate. Kurt Farin is a San Francisco homicide detective who survives a gunshot wound to his head. While in a coma, he has vivid dreams of a mysterious woman called Genevieve Lucas. He is determined to locate her and to unravel the mystery of what makes her seem familiar even if they have never met. Follow him as he teams up with his former partner, traveling to Puget...

Death in the Offing

D.E. Ring (Grinder)

| Reviewed by Matthew Novak

Death in the Offing by D.E. Ring is the second book in the Urquhart & MacDonald Murder Mysteries, a perfect read for fans of murder mystery. Inspector Jimmy Urquhart and Sandy (Notepad) MacDonald are the new couple in town and they head to Manhattan for their honeymoon. Jimmy is worried about Sandy's familiarity not only with the city but with some of the well-known people. They go back to Barrachois for the final week of their honeymoon as guests to the opening of a new hotel. It is a private event and Jimmy and Notepad are making the bes...

The Hook

James Pack (Vaudvil)

| Reviewed by Philip Zozzaro

In October 1976, Halloween is fast approaching and the residents of Hallowell, Maine are preparing for the holiday. However, an event of a more macabre and disturbing nature has occurred. A young couple has been savagely murdered and their baby is gone. A local reporter, Samantha, attempts to gain access to the scene but is prevented by the local police. Meanwhile, former Navy man Ernest Kemp has arrived in Hallowell searching for his wife and child. He is viewed with suspicion by many of the townspeople, with the exception of local storeowner...

Dinner At Tony Napoli's

Edward Izzi (Cassino Publishing)

| Reviewed by Philip Zozzaro

Everybody comes to Tony Napoli’s. It is a restaurant offering great food and memories along with a legendary owner in Antonio “Tony Napoli” Sorrentino. In 2022, ill health forces Tony to close his storied establishment after 50+ years and the building is set to be demolished. However, demolition crews make a discovery while in the process of the tear-down. Four bodies have been disinterred. The police are called in and have questions, especially as certain members of the Chicago Outfit were known to patronize Tony’s pla...

Death of the Limping Man

D.E. Ring (Grinder)

| Reviewed by Matthew Novak

Death of the Limping Man is the first entry in Urquhart & MacDonald Murder Mysteries by D.E. Ring, and it is an enthralling read for murder and mystery fans. Set in the years after WWII, the narrative transports readers to a seemingly idyllic small town overlooking the water. Life has been normal in the town until two kids witness the death of a limping man. Inspector Jimmy Urquhart is pulled into the most complicated case of his burgeoning career, being a rookie and lacking experience. Together with Alexandra MacDonald, a local reporter, U...

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