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HL Cherryholmes (Amazon Kindle)

| Reviewed by James Farlow

Overmorrow by H.L. Cherryholmes is a genre-defying tale with strong hints of the supernatural, a story that features the stories of three misfits whose lives converge in an unlikely sweeting. Meredith Percy hasn't been showing a lot of progress at the rehab and when someone suggests that it might be because she is still clinging to her past, she risks everything and sets out to find answers. Elijah Blanchard is on his way to a funeral. Yvonne Martinez is going back home after a visit to her friend. A storm interrupts the journeys of these three...

The Serpent's Teeth

Stephen Kronwith (Stephen Kronwith)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

The Serpent's Teeth by Stephen Kronwith offers a dazzling portrait of two families and an intricate exploration of a crime mystery. Detective Jane Rieger-Franklin lives with her wife, Anna, and their two adopted daughters, Felicity and Khaleesi. They might not be the perfect family, but they keep the family unit together. Emma King runs a family that includes four grown children and the children hate Emma just as much as she hates them. Then Emma turns up dead and Jane is pulled into the investigation that will offer as many revelations about t...

Then Came Four

Edward Izzi (Cassino Publishing)

| Reviewed by Philip Zozzaro

The blistering heat of a late summer day had relinquished its grip as the evening wore on. Cynthia Young was a street walker attempting to make it through another day when she was accosted by two Detroit police officers. Their hassling transitioned into an arrest and brutal sexual assault followed by an execution-style shooting. Unfortunately, the actions taken by these two officers were not abnormal in 1960s Detroit. The actions of the “Big Four” of the 13th precinct were often excessive if not outright illegal. However, the low crime r...

The Chatter

T. R. Hamby (Amazon)

| Reviewed by Daniel Rhodes

The Chatter by T. R. Hamby is a spellbinding tale that blends elements of mystery, romance, and supernatural intrigue, a perfect read for fans of horror. The narrative follows Elise Gage, a governess seeking refuge from a haunting past, as she starts a new position with the Moreau family at Howe’s End. She teaches an adorable little boy. The story takes unexpected turns as Elise is tortured by the mysterious voices in her head. She is manipulated by Madame Moreau, and a dark secret surrounding the previous governess's death makes things even mo...

Beneath Storm Mountain

Kara Lyne Jacobson (Pegasus Publishers)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

Beneath Storm Mountain by Kara Lyne Jacobson is a captivating blend of history, fantasy, and contemporary drama that sweeps readers into a world where a seemingly innocuous golden cube unleashes a dark force upon a quiet town. The tale begins in 1810, as two Native-American boys lose the mysterious cube in a pristine lake, only for it to resurface in the present day, tempting two unsuspecting teenagers, Kale and Darren, with the promise of wealth. Meanwhile, fourteen-year-old Savannah — a half-blood facing relentless bullying in the technologic...

Red Leopard

Paul Vincent Jacuzzi (FriesenPress)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

Red Leopard by Paul Vincent Jacuzzi is an enthralling geopolitical thriller that features complex plotlines involving espionage, political intrigue, and the looming nuclear crisis. Set against the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis and its aftermath, the novel introduces Dalton Drake, a fearless Canadian private intelligence contractor, tasked with unraveling a sinister conspiracy that spans Cuba, Venezuela, China, and the United States. The narrative is both gripping and expansive, taking readers on a high-stakes journey across Cuba, Central...


BOB HERPE (Bosa Books)

| Reviewed by James Farlow

The Other Side of Crisis by Bob Herpe introduces readers to two interesting, sophisticated characters — Ernie Gravnick and Riana Dayan. Ernie is a retired police chief who finds himself targeted by the ruthless serial killer known as The Ghost, following the tragic loss of his wife. Riana, an Israeli flight attendant with a special forces background, is pursued by the vengeful brother of her former captor. Their destinies collide during a flight in which tragedy hits. Bob Herpe is a great storyteller who has the extraordinary ability to bu...

Trial and Redemption

Thomas Reilly (BDHorizons, LLC)

| Reviewed by Christian Fernandez

Trial and Redemption by Thomas Reilly is a compelling blend of science, magic, and human drama that takes readers on a gripping journey of hope, redemption, and the transformative power of second chances. The narrative continues the tale of a mystical Janus key introduced in the award-winning Chasing Time, this time focusing on disgraced scientist Brian Ellis and college student Julie as they form an unlikely alliance fueled by the key's magical ability to predict the future. Now they are on a mission to bring down a corrupt pharmaceutical exec...

Death of the Dancing Doll

D.E. Ring (Grinder)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

Death of the Dancing Doll by D.E. Ring transports readers to the enchanting world of Barrachois, Nova Scotia, where mysteries lurk beneath the surface of idyllic autumn days. This third installment in the Urquhart & MacDonald Mystery Series has an irresistible appeal to fans of murder and mystery. The story opens with the installation of a new bronze plaque, a tribute to the city's Second World War heroes. But when a chain snaps, a mummified corpse, elegantly clad in a lawyer's gown, emerges from within the cenotaph. The shocking discovery...

Diamonds Beneath the Darkness

Nicole Danielle (Self Published)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

Diamonds Beneath the Darkness by Nicole Danielle is a mesmerizing journey through the labyrinth of a woman's life, and it's a story that refuses to be silenced. From the very first page, Nicole's unfiltered voice grabs your attention and doesn't let go. Her words are like a symphony of emotions, each note resonating with authenticity and vulnerability. The book begins with a whisper in the darkness, a whisper that echoes in Nicole's soul, driving her to break free from the chains of her past. It's a story of transformation, of a woman who refus...

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