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Hero Maker
Tom Starace’s Hero Maker is a page-turning novel with a young protagonist, a story that explores a young hero’s unique ability to transform t[...]
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  • by Tom Starace
Ms. Scarlett In The Library With The Lead Piping: A Nikki Doyle N...
Ms. Scarlett In The Library With The Lead Piping: A Nikki Doyle Novel by Paula Longhurst is a mesmerizing novel in the Nikki Doyle mystery series[...]
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  • by Paula J Longhurst
Thunderball: A Nikki Doyle Novel (Archimedes)
In Thunderball: A Nikki Doyle Novel by Paula J. Longhurst, Nikki’s boyfriend goes missing and someone is working hard to make it look as though[...]
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  • by Paula J. Longhurst
Rollover: A Nikki Doyle Novel (Archimedes)
Paula Longhurst’s Rollover: A Nikki Doyle Novel is a fascinating blend of suspense, mystery, and thriller, following Nikki Doyle, a lottery-win[...]
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  • by Paula J Longhurst
Saving Sophie
Saving Sophie by Debbie Schrack is a poignant tale of romance that instantly grips readers, surprising them through every page with twists. Seven[...]
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  • by Debbie Schrack
Pandemonium: Live to All Devices
Pandemonium: Live to All Devices by Bill Harvey is spellbinding science fiction with a strong appeal to fans of espionage. In the near [...]
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  • by Bill Harvey
Quillan Creek and the Little War
Jessie Mason is a child with a troubled history, the laughing stock at school who doesn’t find love at the children’s home. But she has a con[...]
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  • by Ian Hunter
Ned Farrier Master Mariner; Call of the Cape
Ned Farrier Master Mariner: Call of the Cape by Patrick G. Cox is a spellbinding historical fiction that will delight readers who love adventure [...]
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  • by Patrick G. Cox

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