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The Sequence
In this science fiction thriller, the destinies of a contraband-transporting pilot, a genetic editor, and two Hong Kong police investigators are [...]
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  • by Lucien Telford
Ms. Never
In Ms. Never by Colin Dodds, an office worker with supernatural abilities falls head over heels in love with a divorced telecommunications billio[...]
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  • by Colin Dodds
Jack's Gift: Two Families, an ocean apart, changed in ways never ...
This gripping tale presents a tragedy of war and romance that send shock waves through two families, one in London and the other in Midwest [...]
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  • by Dorine Andrews
Hunters of the Columbian Mammoth
Hunters of the Columbian Mammoth by Adrian Del Valle follows the treacherous journey of a tribal leader as he goes about finding a[...]
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  • by Adrian Del Valle
A Brush with Death
In this debut psychological thriller, a painter's new method unleashes the power of the sixth sense, allowing her access to the murky secrets of [...]
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  • by Jody Summers
Through Forests and Mountains
In Through Forests and Mountains by Margaret Walker, the Nazis face the most successful resistance group in Occupied Europe in an unprecedented w[...]
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  • by Margaret Walker
The Treasure
The hunt for a lost treasure takes a newspaper columnist and a retired U.S. army officer on a dangerous adventure filled with drama, suspense, an[...]
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  • by Julien Ayotte
A Season of Disruption
A Jamaican family struggles to rebuild their lives by pursuing a fresh start abroad when tragedy strikes in this spellbinding memoir.The sto[...]
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  • by Jacqueline P. Walker

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