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Morbid Thoughts and The Domino Effect

Perry Muse | Biographies and Memoirs

Morbid Thoughts and The Domino Effect by Perry Muse offers a raw and heartfelt account of the author's journey through life's trials, from harrowing accidents to a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. Muse's narrative weaves together moments of humor, resilience, and introspection, creating a compelling reading experience for readers. Muse's candid exploration of his battles against physical and mental adversaries is at the heart of the book. From surviving catastrophic accidents to confronting the shadowy specters of morbid thoughts, he opens his soul with honesty and vulnerability, revealing the pain and humanity to readers. Through Muse's words, readers are invited to witness the highs and lows of his existence, from the exhilarating thrill of triumph to the crushing weight of despair.Morbid Thoughts and The Domino Effect is a deeply personal memoir that is as resonant as it is captivating. While the author tells the story in accessible and engaging prose, the incredible and stunning...

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Most Recent Reviews

The Dowry

Michael J. Nercessian (Independently Published)

| Reviewed by Eugene Lasha

The Dowry: A Novel by Michael J. Nercessian is a distinct dive into an unsettling, somewhat dystopian world that is equal parts sci-fi and social commentary, through the lens of his protagonist, Talis, Nercessian charts the harrowing quest for societal acceptance and personal fulfillment in a futuristic society where traditional order, technology, and human nature collide. Overpopulation has turned reproduction into a privilege, and Talis and Lark's marriage is unraveling under the weight of their unmet longing for a child. As they navigate a s...

The Daughter Bond

C.P. Florez (Iridium)

| Reviewed by Bertin Drizller

The Daughter Bond by C.P. Florez is a poignant exploration of generational trauma, buried secrets, and the unexpected dimensions of love. At the heart of this evocative narrative is Latina psychologist Irene Míral, who struggles with the unsettling legacy left by her mother, Alma. Haunted by her mother's experiences of abuse and loss, Irene's journey to healing is equally professional and personal. The story interweaves Irene's ongoing struggle to establish a successful women's PTSD unit at Lakeside Hospital with haunting memories from her...

This is My Worst Nightmare Please Be Nice to Me

Sofia Pires Baquedano (Atmosphere Press)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

Sofia Pires Baquedano’s This is My Worst Nightmare Please Be Nice to Me presents an intricate web of emotional and relational echoes against the somber backdrop of a hospital. The narrative begins with Charlie's struggle with his MRI, intertwining his nightly terrors and insecurities with Sunny’s tangled feelings toward their mutually shared past. The novel excels in portraying the raw, unfiltered emotions of its characters. The narration is remarkably evocative, bringing to life the cold, clinical environment of the hospital, contras...

The Last Elf Daughter

Jennifer Shand (Olympia Publishers)

| Reviewed by Jane Riley

The Last Elf Daughter by Jennifer Shand takes readers on an enchanting adventure through a captivating YA urban fantasy. Evie appears to be an ordinary thirteen-year-old girl, enjoying time with her friends, participating in sports, and beginning to notice a boy in her class who catches her interest. Everything about her life seems typical—until it isn't. When Evie suddenly becomes gravely ill under mysterious circumstances, her parents unveil an astonishing secret: she is the daughter of a female elf, making her the last young female elf...

Journey's Arcane

Eda Scott (Atmosphere Press)

| Reviewed by James Farlow

Journey’s Arcane by Eda Scott is an intriguing narrative blending mystery, romance, and a dash of supernatural lore. The story follows Nora Carter, a young woman escaping the toxic grip of her family with the mission of preserving a historical property in Journey, Manitoba. Her journey is laden with personal revelations, family confrontations, and unexpected romantic entanglements, especially with the enigmatic bartender Leon. The book opens with a beautifully detailed description of Nora's nostalgic drive to this quaint town, setting the...

Sin and I

Travis Hupp (Atmosphere Press)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

Sin and I by Travis Hupp is an evocative collection of poetry that explores the nuanced intersections of faith, rebellion, and self-acceptance within a context marked by personal and societal turmoil. Split into thematic sections—Anger, Politics, Metaphysical, Despair, Hope, and Love—Hupp’s work is a dynamic journey navigating through raw emotions and profound reflections. Hupp’s style is marked by raw, unfiltered language and vivid imagery that encapsulate the complex nature of his experiences and observations. The author’s direct and oft...

Let's Work Smarter

Katharine Mitropoulos (Set Sail Press)

| Reviewed by Jane Riley

Let's Work Smarter by Katharine Mitropoulos follows the delightful tale of a group of animal friends working together to refurbish their old playground, Harmony Lane. On a beautiful day at the Harmony Lane farmers market, friends Mole, Bunny, and Mouse sell their delicious goods—apple pies, fresh carrots, and tiny treats—to raise money for their project. Their efforts are rewarded when Mayor Zebra announces they've reached their fundraising goal. The next day, team leader Mouse organizes the friends into groups: Kangaroo, Frog, and Kitten...

Return to Aqualor

Debra A White (BookBaby)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

Return to Aqualor by Debra A. White is the sequel to Return to Isle of the Shallows, and it takes readers on an enthralling journey back to the magical world of Aqualor with Drew and Alexia. Drew, filled with nostalgia and concern for his friends left behind, dives back into the portal leading to Aqualor. He is recognized as the prophesied Paderion, tasked with bringing tranquility to the warring realms. As Chasqua, the evil tyrant, tries to reclaim power, Drew and Alexia ally with the Arvaks, Winged-Groshin, and Merfolk to thwart his...

The Miller's Angel Baby: A Memoir of My Alcoholic Father’s Secret Life

A. R. Miller (Amazon)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

An absorbing memoir with psychologically solid underpinnings, A. R. Miller's The Miller's Angel Baby: A Memoir of My Alcoholic Father’s Secret Life offers a deeply personal and emotionally charged exploration of family secrets, loss, and grit. The narrative centers around Alexis, a woman whose seemingly perfect life is upended by devastating revelations about her father's hidden past. As Alexis peels back the layers of deception, she embarks on self-discovery and healing. Miller interweaves the stories of three remarkable women—Alexis...

Doctor Lucifer

Anthony Lee (Anthony Lee)

| Reviewed by Eugene Lasha

Anthony Lee's debut novel, Doctor Lucifer, is a tale of suspense stuffed with moral dilemmas and stunning plot twists in the digital age, where cyber threats overshadow faith in the medical world. The narrative follows Dr. Mark Lin, a talented but disillusioned internist, who finds himself embroiled in a dangerous game with an evil hacker known as Doctor Lucifer. This antagonist's actions jeopardize patients' lives by manipulating medical records, forcing Mark to fight for his reputation and the safety of those under his care. Lee deftly blen...