Young Adult - Romance

Drops of Sunlight

Category:Young Adult - Romance

Author:Kristy Lee

  • Publisher: Blossom Spring Publishing
  • ISBN-10: 1739627733
  • ISBN-13: 978-1739627737

Kristy Lee breaks hearts in Drops of Sunlight and sets the characters on a journey to self-discovery. Miranda (May) Carlson and Dylan once carved their names into a boulder before sharing their first kiss. At fourteen, May leaves the Colorado Rocky Mountains after her parents announce their divorce without telling Dylan anything. Dylan is devastated and heartbroken, but he has no choice but to move on — or so he thinks. May goes through depression, hating herself. At twenty, May comes back to the Rocky Mountains, and the encounter with Dylan and the place she once loved might break her even more. As they navigate this summer, can Dylan walk past the pain he has experienced over the years and give love a second chance, and can May move past her self-loathing to rekindle the flame that once put their hearts on fire?

The first thing that hits the reader as they open this romance is the gorgeous nature of the writing. Kristy Lee writes in prose that is crisp and beautiful, expressing a strong mastery of the economy of words. The drama is underlined by the short sentences, the timely paragraph breaks, and the brief chapters make the story even breezier. The strong writing is enriched by the author's unique gift of imagery. For instance: “When the door creaks open, dust tumbles down from above, shimmering against the morning sun.” The first-person narrative voice is strong and effective, and the alternating points of view allow readers to navigate the inner worlds of the two key characters. The effective use of the epistolary adds depth to both characterization and plot. Drops of Sunlight is a romance that offers two characters that are fully and vividly drawn, genuinely flawed, and utterly believable. Themes of love, self-work, and self-exploration are expertly handled. The setting is wonderfully executed as well. This tantalizing tale will surely wow fans of YA romance and anyone looking for a romance that is permeated with humanity and realism.

Reviewed By: Daniel Rhodes

Reviewed Date: October 19, 2022

Category: Young Adult - Romance

Young Adult