Romance - Historical

Custodian of the Spirits

Category:Romance - Historical

Author:Bronwyn Long Borne

  • Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
  • Publication Date: February 5, 2020
  • Number of Pages: 400
  • ISBN-10: 150922873X
  • ISBN-13: 9781509228737
  • ASIN: B082S6PTHX

Custodians of the Spirits (The Valley of Heart's Delight) by Bronwyn Long Borne is a story that starts off with an introduction to Fiona Lenihan, a penniless widow who is experiencing a difficult period in her life with her two children. Fiona and her children move to California in search of greener pastures, but everything changes when she meets Kier Moran. Kier is one of California's best guides and trackers who enjoy a respectable reputation for living life on his terms. Kier accepts the offer to escort his parents on their journey to Santa Clara Valley, with only one plan: take his parents to the Valley of Heart's Delight and return to his free-spirited life. However, all his plans go up in the air the moment he meets Fiona Lenihan. Is a life without Fiona worth it?

Bronwyn Long Borne’s Custodians of the Spirits (The Valley of Heart's Delight) is not only a tale of romance; it's a story that explores the human psyche and spirit by telling us how love always finds its way against all odds. Borne beautifully describes Fiona as a strong woman who is brought up in the country. She has been through a heart-breaking experience in the past and is looking for a way to move on. From the moment Kier and Fiona meet, their connection is significantly developed throughout the book. Moreover, the rural setting of the book and the vividly described historical elements transport the readers back in time. Custodians of the Spirits (The Valley of Heart's Delight) is a well-written and mesmerizing work of fiction that features strong plots and characters built through thrill, suspense, and romance. Even though the premise might not seem unique at first, it becomes all the more engaging as Borne draws us into the deeper layers of the narrative, exploring relationships and the humanity of the characters with uncanny deftness. The story has an emotional depth that pulls the reader in irresistibly and characters that anyone will care about. It is as affecting as it is well-paced.

Reviewed By: Christian Fernandez

Reviewed Date: October 4, 2021

Category: Romance - Historical