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Category:Romance - Sizzle

Author:J.J. Sorel

  • Publisher: Independently published
  • Publication Date: October 26, 2021
  • Number of Pages: 235
  • ISBN-13: 979-8754145696

Uncovering Love by J.J. Sorel is a spellbinding romance that is well-plotted and that features memorable characters and moments that are as heartwarming as they are exciting. Forty-year-old Ainsley Alcott decides to end her abusive relationship by filing for divorce and a restraining order for her ex-husband. To protect herself and her mother from her ex who doubles as a cop, she contacts her agent, wanting to get back into the acting life. To her surprise, she is offered a role as undercover for Scotland Yard, assuming the role of an administrative assistant to Daniel Love, a young and handsome billionaire. What Ainsley Alcott, now Scarlet Black, doesn’t know is that the mysterious and handsome young man is about to rock her world in far greater ways than she could have imagined, taking her on a passionate ride that disarms her completely. As their lives unravel, can they find love in each other?

J.J. Sorel has crafted a story that forces readers to stay until the final scenes. It is emotionally rich and features characters that are elaborately developed. The female protagonist, Scarlet Black, is a woman with a painful past, having endured a painful relationship and being abused by her ex-husband. When she chooses to make a fresh start in life, the journey takes her through an unexpected path. J.J. Sorel’s storytelling gift is dazzling in this narrative, and she weaves delicate threads of relationships and human connections, exploring emotions in their finest forms. The characters are believable and they evolve through well-crafted and focused scenes. The tension rises with every mile from the moment that Scarlet takes on the new role. The mysterious character of the young millionaire adds to the suspense as readers want to know who he really is and what happens next. With terrific descriptions and steamy scenes, well-crafted dialogues, and a captivating setting, the author takes readers on an exciting ride through Uncovering Love.

Reviewed By: Cristina Prescott

Reviewed Date: January 4, 2022

Category: Romance - Sizzle