Monologues for Young Adults: 60 Original Monologues to Stand Out, Inspire, and Shine

Mike Kimmel (Ben Rose Creative Arts)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

Monologues for Young Adults: 60 Original Monologues to Stand Out, Inspire, and Shine by Mike Kimmel features stunning monologues for actors already experienced in the craft and burgeoning talent. In explaining the reason for writing this powerful book, the author states that it is important for actors to show up for their auditions carrying a sense of enthusiasm, hope, and optimism with them. This book is for actors who want to present themselves as those who understand human nature, and the author provides wonderful observations and advice; he...

Hunting for the Lamb of God

Jamey O'Donnell (AuthorHouse)

| Reviewed by Daniel Rhodes

Hunting for the Lamb of God by Jamey O'Donnell is a spellbinding post-apocalyptic novel that will surely shake readers out of stupor and make them think about what happens in times of crisis. The novel examines how people behave when the social fabric is shattered and existence becomes a struggle for survival. May 24, 2022, three nuclear explosions cripple the United States. The explosions create a powerful electromagnetic pulse and the effects are devastating. The Northern Hemisphere is suddenly thrust into darkness, with satellites disabled....

Hidden In The Shadows

A.D.Vancise (Atmosphere Press)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

In Hidden in the Shadows by A.D.Vancise, twenty-three-year-old Evie Day returns to her hometown of Woodsville, Arkansas, after being away for five years. She has come back because of the death of her grandfather, something she would not do under other circumstances. While looking for pictures of her grandfather, Ollie, for the funeral, Evie discovers a photo from 1933 of a strange woman next to a wooden box. The photo stands out, even cries for attention. Evie cannot ignore the image and sets out to find out who the woman in the picture was. Sh...

Flying Circus Takes to the Skies

Leona Cobham (Cobham Wings)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

Flying Circus Takes to the Skies by Leona Cobham is a well-crafted, action-packed story that will entice children — adults will find delight in the richly imagined characters as well. Four airplanes, four friends, each of them unique and vested with singular skills! F-14 Tomcat has the extraordinary ability to break sound barrier. F-15 Eagle tricks him and he forgets to refuel, hence ruining his dream of winning the race to Australia. Tom gets help from the most unlikely airplane, Woody. Woody suffers from low self-esteem and believes every oth...

LIAR, ALLEGED A Tell-All: Celebrities, Sex and All the Rest

David Vass (AR Press)

| Reviewed by Bertin Drizller

Liar, Alleged, A Tell-All: Celebrities, Sex and All the Rest by David Vass is a memoir that is humorous, brutally honest, and at times self-deprecating; the story of a gay who came out to his mother at the age of seven. He is one who has been so conscious of being born different at a very tender age and he explains that it wasn't because he was born in a dirt-poor family and raised in a downtown, white thrash neighborhood in Baltimore. He has arrived ten years after the last sibling, a “condom broke mistake in 1950.” This is the story of a gay...

Beautiful Ashes: A True Story of Murder, Betrayal, and One Woman's Search for Peace

Shelly Edwards Jorgensen (The Edgeworth Group)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

Shelly Edwards Jorgensen is picked from basketball practice by her friend, Carolyn, and her mother, who break the news that her house is on fire. She watches as her mother's body is removed from the ashes of what was a home a few hours ago. She knows her father killed her. Now, she blames herself for the murder of her mom, because she has left her alone, having known that her father was a monster since she was just four. She tells the story, switching between flashbacks and the unfolding drama that follows her mother's death, allowing readers p...

Finding Fae

El Holly (Independently Published)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

Finding Fae by El Holly is the first entry in a YA Urban Fantasy trilogy that will enrapt fans of the genre. Losing her boyfriend of ten months is enough to rock Evelyn ''Eevee'' Acker's world. But when she discovers that her parents are fae, everything changes for her. It is the summer before her senior year and after her boyfriend dumps her, Eevee can only rely on her friends, Maggie and Cam for comfort. Her parents think it is a good thing when they give her a sealed envelope containing facts about her adoption; a handwritten note from her b...

DevStreams: Scaling Software Delivery. Naturally.

Yaron Perlman (YP Technologies & Consulting Inc.)

| Reviewed by David Reyes

DevStreams: Scaling Software Delivery — Naturally by Yaron Perlman offers an answer to a disturbing question: What is the most effective way of delivering and scaling software? In order to answer the question, Perlman proposes a new paradigm called DevStreams paradigm. It is an approach that is similar to how nature creates something from nothing and grows in its originality and beauty. The author cautions that contemporary problem-solvers get caught in the trap of relying typically on knowledge and theory which can stop them from seeing things...

Kate's Whisper

Carrie Wiegman (Novelsy, LLC)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

Perfect for fans of sleuth and crime thrillers, Kate's Whisper by Carrie Wiegman follows Special Agent Kate Jacobson and her colleague, Agent Layne Ward, as they start an investigation into the death of a young woman by drowning. It is not long before they become painfully aware that they are dealing with a serial killer. More bodies turn up and Kate is under pressure to uncover the identity of the killer before more people are killed. Kate is not an ordinary agent as she has a secret guide who whispers to her, helping her with pointers and clu...


David M. Selcern (David M. Selcer)

| Reviewed by Bertin Drizller

Closure: Amateur Sleuth Mystery Novel by David M. Selcer opens with traumatic scenes and a compelling premise. Marty is going through a neurogenic shock and her heart rate might not increase. She experiences bouts of anxiety and panic attacks. She has just ended her marriage with a sexually abusive and pitiless union boss. Her attraction for Larry is quick. But Larry has a painful past also, one filled with traumatic episodes. He has been rejected from medical school three times and has suffered from a failed marriage. He brings with...