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The Book Commentary is one of the fastest growing publications for book reviews & recommendations. Our readers trust us and they pay attention to books we recommend.

We review books from Major Publishers as well as Indie Authors and we believe that there are thousands of wonderful books out there that are buried for lack of the right tools to get word out about them. We help authors get noticed with our reviews.

Every book that is featured on our website has been read in its entirety before being reviewed. Our reviews provide a strong social proof that can be used to boost marketing efforts. Our reviews are written with quotable lines that can be used on book covers, Amazon’s editorial section of the book, the praise page of the book, and for other marketing projects.

We accept submissions in multiple genres and categories, except books that promote violence, hatred, racism, and bigotry.

We understand that some of the best books are not discovered – at least, not quickly – by fans of the genres, especially if they are published by small presses. We review those books and send recommendations to our audience composed of avid readers, book reviewers, booksellers, librarians, and literary professionals, an audience that grows in hundreds daily.