Children's Books

Coney - A Trip to Luna Park

Jeffrey Lindberg (Flying Rabbit Press)

| Reviewed by Christian Fernandez

This colorfully illustrated Children’s book is packed with adventure and strong lessons on friendship. Coney - A Trip to Luna Park by Jeffrey Lindberg tells the story of Selena, a little rabbit who suddenly discovers that the place it has always called home is about to be destroyed because of the new amusement park being built on Coney Island. When Millie first catches the attention of Selena from her trolley car, her first reaction is that of wonder at how high the rabbit can jump. But they quickly become friends and set out to confr...

Friends Come in All Sizes

Raven Howell (Lawley Publishing)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

Friends Come in All Sizes by Raven Howell is a colorfully illustrated and imaginative children’s book that celebrates friendship and adventure. Lonely kiddo wants to make friends and considers animals that can likely become his friend: “I'd like to have a little gnat, / but dad says gnats are tiny.” He can't pad a teeny gnat and some of them are whiny. An elephant with a large, gray trumpet trunk wouldn't do as mom won't have it in their home. A polar bear won't be an option, either. From the gnat to the porcupine, he doesn’t see any animal tha...

The Dragon Flyers Book Three: Land of Giants

Cynthia Star (Cynthia Star Books)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

The Dragon Flyers Book Three: Land of Giants by Cynthia Star is the third entry in the spellbinding fantasy series that follows the adventures of David, a young dragon rider, and his companions. The excitement builds up from one entry to the next. David and his companions have just experienced what they think to be the greatest challenge they have had to face and at the time they are almost ready for some relaxation, they receive a new mission — retrieve precious items that are hidden among the wicked giants that roam a world that is beautiful...

Bonez by: Mr. Roses

Mr. Roses (John V. Roselli)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

Bonez by Mr. Roses is an enchanting tale about friendship, family, and chasing dreams. With an honest and heart-warming protagonist, this tale will win your heart with its superior storytelling. All seems to be going well for Bonez —he has a first girlfriend he absolutely adores, his lively lifelong friends are very supportive of him, and he has just won a challenging skateboarding race against his professional nemesis, Sally. However, what will happen when all agents come begging for Bonez’s talents and trademark logo, offering him p...

Andy in Trevdaland

Graham Charles Cumming (Graham Charles Cumming)

| Reviewed by Bertin Drizller

Andy, a young boy, lives in Travdaland, a place overcome by miseries and unexplainable, overwhelming problems. The boy has a developing interest in advertising. However, it's his love for righting the wrongs in the world that catches the interest of Peter Litre, who invites Andy on an expedition to save the realm from the evil culprits who have been plotting and conniving against the land and all of its inhabitants. Agreeing to help Peter, Andy ends up at the castle, the home of the King of the Land, who tells Andy to join a secret factory and...

Eli and the Mystery of the Hallowshine Dragon

Eve Cabanel (Twenty two house publishing)

| Reviewed by Christian Fernandez

Friends and moon elves Eli and Lua live in a beautiful magical forest. Their life there is fairly calm, but the trouble begins when Luna’s cute baby bunny is transformed into hard rock candy with magical sugar crystals. It is up to the best friends to travel across various enchanting places to find the impossible cure to reverse the curse. Luna and Eli must discover and confront the frightening yet legendary Hallowshine Dragon for its healing and recovering saliva to help Luna’s baby bunny. As the moon elves hurry...

City Kitties

Rizwan Asad (Ness House Press)

| Reviewed by Cristina Prescott

City Kitties is written by Rizwan Asad and colorfully illustrated by Andy Catling, a beautiful book for children. The mischievous Mitten asks Nessie why she never falls for his tricks and Nessie answers with a tale. While Mitten, the feisty and mischievous kitten has always succeeded with his pranks on dogs and cats he meets, Nessie, an old cat is the only one who never falls for the tricks because she's been there, “done that.” Mitten quickly discovers that Nessie has lived many lives and has traveled a lot and no matter what prank he prepares...

Ear Wax Max: All Wrapped Up

Alisdair Baird (Independently Published)

| Reviewed by Daniel Rhodes

Max is super excited for the Christmas break, which is just a few weeks away! But when he learns of an unexpected event taking place at school, he is nervous. This event is scarier than the fearful school bully, Bart Johnson. It is the Winter School Dance at Filmore Middle School! The event is so much more embarrassing than anything Max has ever experienced. And to add insult to the injury, the girls are going to be asking the boys to the dance this time around. Max doesn’t even know if he wants to go to the dance. The only way Max can think of...

Skylar Robbins: The Mystery of the Island Idol

Carrie Cross (self-published)

| Reviewed by Kim Calderon

Skylar Robbins, a clever thirteen-year-old sleuth, has a new case! She had been waiting to go on the ACE field trip with Daniel to the Koma Islands for ages. But with Daniel seeming to have forgotten about his promise, Skylar and her team embark on a journey to discover the real mystery behind a weirdly terrifying idol. Equipped with all of her high-tech gadgetry, which gives her intelligence an edge, she will stop at nothing to thwart the natives’ many attempts to keep the meaning behind the idol a secret. But will her high-tech gadgets keep...

A Gift Most Rare

Tom Leihbacher (Christian Faith Publishing)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

Charlie Riverton is a young boy, a sixth-grader, living in a small town known as Briarcliff Manor, a suburb in Manhattan. With Christmas right around the corner, the whole village is busy with preparations and indulging in uplifting activities. However, as always, Charlie's group of friends is trying to experiment with their newfound freedom, interest in girls, and other pre-teen shenanigans. This Christmas, a newcomer will be joining the village. Charlie, along with his new friend, plans an epic Christmas surprise for the whole village. His ef...

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