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Category:Detective & Mystery

Author:David M. Selcern

  • Publisher: David M. Selcer
  • Publication Date: February 22, 2022
  • Number of Pages: 322

Closure: Amateur Sleuth Mystery Novel by David M. Selcer opens with traumatic scenes and a compelling premise. Marty is going through a neurogenic shock and her heart rate might not increase. She experiences bouts of anxiety and panic attacks. She has just ended her marriage with a sexually abusive and pitiless union boss. Her attraction for Larry is quick. But Larry has a painful past also, one filled with traumatic episodes. He has been rejected from medical school three times and has suffered from a failed marriage. He brings with him the scars from his marine war experience in Afghanistan. Larry and Marty are two broken souls, each suffering from PTSD; now they are helplessly falling for each other and the path ahead looks frightening. Will they be able to make it work or will their past send them on a dark path toward more suffering?

Selcer's character-driven novel begins with an emotionally explosive scene and reserves engaging moments for readers through every page. He writes his characters with intelligence, exploring them elaborately and allowing the shadows of their past to brush their current experiences. The theme of trauma is cleverly handled and readers get strong insights into what happens when two people who have been so deeply hurt connect — the tension grows, fears resurface, and uncertainty clutches the edges of their hearts. However, this story features brilliantly accomplished moments of clarity, twists that will surprise readers, and a healing odyssey through which wounds heal wounds. Closure: Amateur Sleuth Mystery Novel presents lovable characters, beautiful prose, and a plot that transforms the story into a page-turning novel. Selcer is a master storyteller who demonstrates an uncanny ability to exploit the inner struggles of his characters. This novel is psychologically rich and utterly engaging. Marty and Larry are a pair that readers will cry with, feel for, and enjoy as their story moves from examining their brokenness to showing the light that emanates from their shared experience of pain.

Reviewed By: Bertin Drizller

Reviewed Date: September 23, 2023

Category: Detective & Mystery