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Richard: War Erupts

Category:Fiction - Science Fiction

Author:Michael W Hickman

  • Publisher: RedFoxOnHigh
  • Publication Date: December 16, 2023
  • Number of Pages: 489
  • ISBN-13: 979-8988468004

In Michael W. Hickman's latest space opera installment, Richard War Erupts, the teenage hero faces an unnerving array of challenges as he navigates the complex nature of galactic leadership and familial bonds. He is just out of a recent victory against the formidable extra-dimensional dragons. Richard hopes to have a respite; however, his aspirations for a peaceful hiatus are swiftly destroyed as new adversaries emerge, including the power-hungry Spartacus family and simmering tensions between humans and non-humans. At the heart of the story lies Richard's unconventional family unit, comprised of his enigmatic mentor, AAL, humanoid-fox mate Amber, and their eclectic offspring. As Richard deals with the demands of leadership, he must also face the troubles of familial relationships, from mentoring his son to managing the intra-pack politics of his fox kin on the planet Beowulf.

Hickman intelligently weaves a narrative of political intrigue and interpersonal drama against the backdrop of a galaxy on the brink of war—Hickman's prose crackles with energy, propelling readers through a whirlwind of action and adventure. From daring escapes to clandestine alliances, Richard War Erupts delivers a gripping tale that keeps readers on the edge. Yet amidst the spectacle of space battles and political machinations, Hickman never loses sight of the emotional core of his story. It is a tale of love and loyalty, and Richard and his family confront adversity with unwavering devotion to one another. While the novel boasts its fair share of severed heads and interstellar skirmishes, the depth of the characters' relationships ultimately drives the narrative forward. Against a backdrop of cosmic conflict, Hickman explores themes of belonging and sacrifice, reminding readers that true strength lies not in power or prowess but in the bonds that unite us. This is a wonderfully imagined and intelligently executed creation for fans of science fiction and tales that are character-driven with finely drawn space settings.

Reviewed By: Daniel Rhodes

Reviewed Date: March 14, 2024

Category: Fiction - Science Fiction