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Finally Florida

Category:Fiction - Womens

Author:Lynn Monahan

  • Publisher: Self Published
  • Publication Date: January 3, 2023
  • Number of Pages: 369
  • ISBN-10: 9798813171192

Victoria Bench and Peter Clark are in the honeymoon phase of their relationship when suddenly, everything changes, and Victoria finds herself living in Florida as a housewife without the ring in Lynn Monahan's Finally Florida. Victoria and Peter met online, dated for six months, and then Peter abruptly called the relationship off, leaving Victoria wondering where things went wrong. She found out he cheated. 

As with any relationship, there are highs and lows, and after patching things up sometime later, Victoria agrees to uproot her life, leaving family, friends, her children, and her job to move to Florida and be with Peter and his children, all in the name of love. Victoria's in a new state and knows nobody except Peter and his children. Can Victoria adjust to life in Florida and start anew with her new family? Every day is a new adventure, whether eating at a new restaurant, shopping for the children, or buying a new car. She details her experiences through blogging and becomes a stay-at-home girlfriend. 

Unfortunately, you can't teach a dog new tricks, and the ''perfect'' family is starting to fall apart. Has Peter gone back to his old ways? Has Victoria realized that Florida living isn't for her? The author does a beautiful job of showcasing the character's love and sacrifices for one another. It makes the story appear lifelike, even though it's a work of fiction. Readers will appreciate the intricate storytelling, the vivid imagery, and the importance of self-awareness and self-love, prevalent themes throughout this novel. Finally Florida shows that the truth will always come to light and trusting one’s gut always reveals the right path. The story is engaging with intriguing characters and emotionally rich scenes; it is a novel with resonant themes and impeccable world-building. 

Reviewed By: Morgan Amos

Reviewed Date: April 11, 2023

Category: Fiction - Womens