Romance - Contemporary

The Fallen Man

Category:Romance - Contemporary

Author:Cat Treadgold

  • Publisher: Cat Treadgold
  • Publication Date: April 1, 2024
  • Number of Pages: 272
  • ISBN-13: 979-8-9877363-5-7

The Fallen Man by Cat Treadgold is a captivating conclusion to the Olympic Peninsula series. It features intriguing characters amidst the picturesque backdrop of Port Townsend. The narrative is filled with familial tensions, romantic entanglements, and personal growth, drawing readers into a world where secrets simmer beneath the surface and the ghosts of the past refuse to be ignored. Edward is a former priest who embraces new freedom and struggles with love and desire. He struggles internally as he navigates his post-clerical life, and his encounters with the enigmatic Lisette create intricate layers of intrigue and emotion in his journey. The dynamic between Edward and Lisette is electric, their budding connection fraught with tension and longing as they confront their demons and society's expectations.

This author layers the lives and experiences of the characters to challenge how we deal with change and perceive each other amidst solid family dynamics. Through Edward, the author captures the feeling of floating between two worlds, seeking an anchor of identity while struggling to understand emotions and passion. The familial relationships within the O’Connell family are expertly written, and the interactions with siblings Teresa and Liam provide insight into the shared history and the bonds that tie this family together. Cat Treadgold skillfully weaves themes of identity, love, forgiveness, and the quest for meaning into the narrative. The richly drawn characters and vividly depicted settings augment the story's authenticity, immersing readers in Port Townsend's world and its inhabitants' lives. The Fallen Man has a deliberate pacing, but it is the emotional current in the story that will pull readers forward, from page to the next gripping page. This character-driven narrative had me invested from the first page to the very last. 

Reviewed By: Christian Fernandez

Reviewed Date: May 3, 2024

Category: Romance - Contemporary