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Category:Fiction - Literary

Author:Bob Seay

  • Publisher: Self published
  • Publication Date: December 29, 2020
  • Number of Pages: 192
  • ISBN-13: 979-8587785281

Jacob, an adult son, has had more downs than ups throughout his life. With a failed marriage, the loss of a home, an unreliable career, and a dementia-stricken Dad, he mulls over his choices, morals, and beliefs while searching for his father through cross-country treks. Jacob’s self-sabotaging traits, lack of self-confidence, and the absence of a purpose in life have made things more complicated. Will Jacob be able to cope with the harsh realities of life? Heartbroken and betrayed, he rediscovers himself by exploring his relationships and beliefs. The detour becomes an aid while he tries to change his perspective to grow and become a better man.

Dad by Bob Seay is written in an almost autobiographical way, making it easier for readers to connect with Jacob on a deeper level. While there are several chuckle-worthy instances, most of them convey strong emotions and a deep understanding of the human nature and psyche. Winner of the 2021 Indiereader Discovery Award, this book features a modern and witty tone that makes for a well-balanced read. “I'll let you decide which parts are biography and which are completely made up for the book.” Bob Seay has taken his personal experiences to craft a story that will resonate with most readers for the years to come.

Unlike other fiction writers, Dad by Bob Seay doesn’t shy away from discussing mental, emotional, and spiritual difficulties in great detail. This book leaves a bittersweet taste with the protagonist’s struggles and his desire to reconnect with his father. Many have anticipated this book to remain evergreen, and I couldn’t agree more. The book also received a Runner-Up award in the Literary-Humor category for the 2021 Maxy Awards and became a noteworthy finalist in the 2021 National Indie Excellence Awards. The dazzling prose and the intelligent exploration of character transform the story into a page-turner. 

Reviewed By: David Reyes

Reviewed Date: October 24, 2021

Category: Fiction - Literary

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