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Hero Maker

Category:Fiction - Paranormal

Author:Tom Starace

  • Publisher: Fiddler's Bridge Press
  • Publication Date: November 16, 2021
  • Number of Pages: 314
  • ISBN-10: 1737918900
  • ISBN-13: 978-1737918905
  • ASIN: B09M1T7YPM

Tom Starace’s Hero Maker is a page-turning novel with a young protagonist, a story that explores a young hero’s unique ability to transform the lives of ordinary people by inspiring them to become heroes. Sixteen-year-old Adam has been assailed by unusual dreams throughout his life, starting from when he was just six. He becomes conscious of his power to make heroes from ordinary people when a memory of an experience he has long forgotten, an experience that links him to someone who escaped from death comes back to him. It is the memory of him helping six-year-old Jimmy jump from a burning building. As Adam struggles to understand the purpose of the horrifying dreams that assail his mind, his Aunt Rose and family friend, Sam, help him understand that what he has thought to be dreams are real experiences. Follow his journey to discover the power that helps others to become heroes in their lives and in the lives of their loved ones. Can Adam harness the extraordinary power this gift?

This is a novel with a powerful and original concept. While there are many novels out there with characters gifted with supernatural abilities, none talks about a hero who unwittingly takes control of the mind and emotions of others, encouraging them to do heroic things. Other books explore characters who become heroes in the lives of others, but Hero Maker is the story of a hero who makes others heroes. This novel stands apart in its originality and world-building. Adam is a protagonist that makes others find the courage to do the things that make a difference in their lives and what makes him a genuinely flawed and lovable character is that he doesn’t actually take credit for what he inspires people to do by influencing their thoughts, emotions, and energy. Tom Starace is an exceptional storyteller who writes in dazzling prose, creating dialogues that are sparkling and a young protagonist with a rich inner world. This is an addictive tale with a powerful message for readers — we can push others to do better without reaping the glory. Adam is a symbolic protagonist whose journey will provoke readers to reflect on the way they treat those who are less fortunate than them. It is deftly plotted and masterfully accomplished. The strong imagery will stay with you long after you have turned the last page.

Reviewed By: Bertin Drizller

Reviewed Date: August 9, 2022

Category: Fiction - Paranormal

Young Adult