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Alpha Max: An Existential Romp through an Absurd Multiverse

Category:Science Fiction & Fantasy

Author:Mark Rayner

  • Publisher: Monkeyjoy Press
  • Publication Date: November 2, 2021
  • Number of Pages:
  • ISBN-10: 1927590078
  • ISBN-13: 978-1927590072
  • ASIN: B09BSQ7Z8M

A plain old existential crisis is what everyone is used to, but what Maximillian Tundra experiences is an existential crisis that stretches way beyond anything he has ever imagined. It all starts when Max sees his doppelganger standing in the middle of his living room in an unusual outfit and sporting an English accent. Hit with the strong feeling that something horrible is making its way to him, little knowing what other sinister surprises await. Max soon realizes the world is ending, not just his planet but the entire multiverse and everything around and within it. All said and done, he knows he is the only one who can save everyone from impending doom.

From his perspective, the world is in some serious trouble because he can’t even keep his life organized, let alone prevent an apocalypse. The only support he has on this journey to save the world are manic pixie aliens and more duplicates of himself, neither of whom are going to be of much help. Each of Max’s clones has its own unique personality, yet there are similarities that bring them closer to each other. As Max is swept up into the multi-dimensional, intergalactic plot to save the universe, the looming deadline becomes background noise. What matters now is how Max learns more about himself and his place in the world.

Alpha Max: An Existential Romp through an Absurd Multiverse is award-winning author Mark A. Rayner’s silly yet serious version of science fiction and superheroes traipsing through multiple realities in an attempt to stop the entire universe from collapsing. This relatable book has you vouching for all the Maxes of this world as the characters come to life. As the different Maxes speak and something funny happens, you’ll find yourself gasping for breath. Even though the entire book doesn’t revolve around funny tidbits, humor has been skillfully used by Rayner to augment the humanity of the characters. A dark comedy of sorts, it is completely worth the read. Mark A. Rayner writes in gorgeous prose and has a unique gift for plot that is twisty without missing anything when it comes to creati9ng characters that are rock-solid and relatable. It is fast-paced and fraught with humor, a tale that is crafted to entertain readers while piquing their imagination in yet surprising ways.

Reviewed By: Matthew Novak

Reviewed Date: October 3, 2021

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Young Adult
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