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The Daughters of Despair

Category:Science Fiction & Fantasy

Author:Andrew Rivas

  • Publisher: Andrew Rivas (Self-Published)
  • Publication Date: August 10, 2020
  • Number of Pages: 272
  • ISBN-13: 979-8670252980
  • ASIN: B08DRR148F

Princess Ruby of Spinal is abducted, and people across the Kingdom have all heard the rumors about her disappearance. When an investigation is launched to look into the Princess's kidnapping, various accounts of eyewitnesses and perspectives of the people close to the incident build up a narrative that makes the situation more complicated.  Does the Princess's kidnapping have anything to do with the forthcoming anniversary of the Storm of the Screaming Skies? Has the Princess been kidnapped by the mysterious cultist group, A Capella? Or have the families of the Kingdom made a heinous attempt to regain the throne by the abduction of the Princess? After the initial investigation, a heroic plan is made for the Prince Stoic of Anima to rescue the Princess in distress to win her hand in marriage. But is Princess Ruby the traditional damsel in distress who needs to be saved by her charming prince? The twists are aplenty and readers will be surprised at what follows.

The Daughters of Despair by Andrew Rivas is a riveting tale following the mysterious abduction of Princess Ruby of Spinal. With rich three-dimensional characters and superior world-building, Rivas draws readers into the story in a way that is irresistible. The story is told from varying perspectives making for an interesting read while allowing points of view to shine in a unique manner. The suspense is exacting and it transforms the story into a page-turner. Even with a difficult plot following a kidnapping, Rivas adds a touch of quirkiness with unconventional character names that will amuse the readers. The narrative reads like a screenplay, melding elements of science fiction and fantasy and featuring an unpredictable plot that elevates the delight of reading. Rivas is a brilliant writer who has also added diversity into his characters, as Princess Ruby, the main protagonist, is a person of color. Overall, The Daughters of Despair is truly fine entertainment, well-paced, and with characters that are lovable. 

Reviewed By: Matthew Novak

Reviewed Date: December 1, 2021

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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