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The Infernal Games

Category:Fantasy - Urban

Author:Reed Logan Westgate

  • Publisher: Self Published
  • Publication Date: April 29, 2020
  • Number of Pages: 432
  • ISBN-13: 979-8640508635

Xlina thinks the only way to lead a normal life is to get away from her father, the strict and duty-obsessed druid. But little does she know that being a Baku means misery, challenges, and troubles will follow her everywhere she goes. So while moving to Portland, Maine, seemed like a great option for Xlina, she wasn’t prepared for what awaited her there. Oxivius, an exiled necromancer, presents a silver lining in Xlina’s fight against demons as she tries to rid her soul of the head demon Malek’s mark. Will she be able to change her perception of good and evil and finally get her soul back from the evil clenches?

The Infernal Games by Reed Logan Westgate is a flawlessly written urban fantasy sci-fi. The protagonist’s desire to help others while in the midst of personal battles with her identity is something readers will most likely relate to. There are several other interesting characters involved in the story including Ertigan, Penny, Amber, and Burglecut. The character development is superior, and while there are many complicated, magical beings involved, the author has made it easy to keep up with the story through a fluid writing style.

Compared to other budding authors, Reed has been able to make a significant impact through a keen sense of character, expert storytelling craft, and robust plot points, reaching a standard that is uncommon to new authors. The Infernal Games has the perfect mix of drama, adventure, thrill, and dark romance, twisty in its plotting and delightful in the seasons of the soul it evokes. All the twists and turns make the book all the more enticing and captivating. It is a great read, especially for fans of folklore and occult novels. Reed Logan Westgate is an author to keep an eye on.

Reviewed By: Christian Fernandez

Reviewed Date: November 11, 2021

Category: Fantasy - Urban

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