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Apostasy - Blood Influence Book 2

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  • Publisher: The Book Reality Experience
  • Publication Date: December 22, 2023
  • Number of Pages: 285
  • ISBN-13: 978-1923020382
  • ASIN: 1923020382

Apostasy is the second book in the Blood Influence Book series by I C Lawrance. It is a riveting continuation of the dark and intricately woven tale set in a world overshadowed by the menacing Tower. The story revolves around three central characters, Felix, Silas, and Mortella, each facing an omnipresent threat of the Tower in their unique ways. Felix and Silas, identical twins with extraordinary telepathic abilities, have always been aware of the Tower's evil presence, which looms over their lives in the Bowl. Their symbiotic relationship and shared sensations create a compelling dynamic as they journey to understand and confront the Tower's evil influence. Silas's bravery in venturing near the Tower contrasts with Felix's cautious nature, yet both are driven by a shared resolve to uncover the truth and protect their community.

Mortella's character arc is particularly intriguing. Once an influential figure within the Tower, her return feels like a demotion, as she's tasked with bearing a child crucial to the Tower's dark plans. Her struggle with the oppressive demands of the Code and her determination to reclaim her place highlight the sophistication of this character. Her ability to manipulate perceptions and her interactions with the Tower's semi-sentient consciousness augment the tension in the narrative. The world-building in Apostasy is rich and immersive, with the Tower serving as a formidable antagonist. The description of the Tower, with its eerie hum and cries of misery, effectively sets a tone of dread and hopelessness. The Bowl, where the characters reside, is depicted as a place of servitude and fear, creating a stark backdrop for the characters' rebellion and quest for freedom. The author plots cleverly, using subplots like the disappearance of the Fen family to build suspense and explore the deeper secrets of the Tower. Lawrance creates a haunting atmosphere where the mundane is tinged with the supernatural. From the gorgeous writing to the imaginative plot and intriguing characters to the immersive worldbuilding, this entry offers everything readers want in fantasy and more.

Reviewed By: Eugene Lasha

Reviewed Date: May 21, 2024

Category: Fantasy - General

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