Young Adult - Fantasy-Epic

Return to Aqualor

Category:Young Adult - Fantasy-Epic

Author:Debra A White

  • Publisher: BookBaby
  • Publication Date: May 13, 2024
  • Number of Pages: 216
  • ISBN-13: 9798350956566

Return to Aqualor by Debra A. White is the sequel to Return to Isle of the Shallows, and it takes readers on an enthralling journey back to the magical world of Aqualor with Drew and Alexia. Drew, filled with nostalgia and concern for his friends left behind, dives back into the portal leading to Aqualor. He is recognized as the prophesied Paderion, tasked with bringing tranquility to the warring realms. As Chasqua, the evil tyrant, tries to reclaim power, Drew and Alexia ally with the Arvaks, Winged-Groshin, and Merfolk to thwart his plans. Through assistance from ancient beings and new allies, Drew and Alexia learn about unity, strength, and the power of collaboration, ultimately working to restore peace to Aqualor and its diverse inhabitants.

Characterization in Return to Aqualor is superb, and readers will enjoy the author’s deft handling of the character arc. Drew, the protagonist, grows from a nostalgic boy into a determined hero, the 'Paderion,' with newfound powers. His journey is laden with trials and moments of growth as he matures into someone who takes the lead and assumes responsibility. Alexia, Drew’s perceptive and adventurous sister, has an unbridled curiosity about time travel, which only parallels her support for Drew’s mission. Chasqua, the antagonist, is a tyrant whose inner turmoil and journey from greed to redemption are poignantly depicted. Other supporting characters — Tresh, the stalwart Arvak leader, embodying wisdom and commitment to unity, and Garanqua, Chasqua’s loyalist, whose internal conflict about betrayal augments the depth of the plot, and Mother Mermaid and Lord Unias: Guiding figures who offer wisdom and support — are equally well-grounded characters.

The central conflict is centered on Chasqua's relentless quest for power versus Drew's mission to restore peace. Chasqua’s escape and subsequent plans to dominate Aqualor create high stakes for all inhabitants. This battle between good and evil is enriched by intricate subplots, including Chasqua's internal struggles and Lamera’s loyalty conflicts. Drew’s development into a responsible leader underlines the core themes of courage, unity, and the pursuit of justice, making the conflict relatable and engaging. The setting in Aqualor is vividly depicted with diverse landscapes—from underwater caverns brimming with treasures to the serene and enchanted Realm of Unicocea to the bustling, secretive Arvak kingdom. White’s descriptive prowess brings to life the magical elements of Merfolk, Unicoceans, and ancient beings, creating an immersive fantasy world that captures the imagination. The juxtaposition of the fantastical with relatable human emotions and challenges makes Aqualor both fantastical and compelling. Fantasy fans will adore the finely rendered setting, the intriguing characters, and the author’s sparkling prose punctuated by engaging dialogues.


Reviewed By: Cristina Prescott

Reviewed Date: June 4, 2024

Category: Young Adult - Fantasy-Epic

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