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Resolution of Stars

Category:Fiction - Science Fiction

Author:Martyn Rhys Vaughan

  • Publisher: Llyfrau Cambria Books
  • Publication Date: November 25, 2021
  • Number of Pages: 361
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9574894-4-8

Martyn Rhys Vaughan delivers another enthralling read in his new SF novel and the sequel to Doom of Stars, melding environmental themes and the human condition in a fascinating post-apocalyptic setting in Resolution of Stars. Looking for a second chance at life and love, Maya makes the choice to accompany DeGroot and others for a trip into the future. But the future is anything but what they had expected, a world that is fast moving towards ultimate annihilation. Karn has his own struggles, staying alive and well has been his ultimate drive in the small village. When he chooses to move beyond his small village, his path crosses with Maya, and they know that the same doom they once experienced stares at them. Can they create a life amidst the chaos surrounding them?

Martyn Rhys Vaughan has created a fascinating world for readers to navigate and characters that are complex and multilayered. Karn is my favorite, a character who has always believed that the world was limited to his small village. But when the SUN goes out and he faces exile from his homeland, his discovery of other realms becomes a startling revelation. The setting in the Resolution of Stars is a well-imagined and ingeniously crafted universe that is falling apart —and quickly. The story is hauntingly intoxicating and readers will find it immersive, thanks to the multi-dimensional characters, the impeccable world-building, and the phenomenal conflict that animates the entire narrative. Martyn Rhys Vaughan writes in a voice that is strong and captivating and the points of view are expertly written, pulling readers irrevocably into the worldviews of the characters. Resolution of Stars is a twisty story with right-angle turns, fast-paced and suspenseful; it is one to not miss. 

Reviewed By: Franklin Bauer

Reviewed Date: January 13, 2022

Category: Fiction - Science Fiction

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