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Wars of the New Humanity: Collection One

Category:Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Author:Michael J. Brooks

  • Publisher: Creative-visionary Works
  • Publication Date: August 4, 2023
  • Number of Pages: 671
  • ISBN-13: 9781737929369

Wars of the New Humanity: Collection One by Michael J. Brooks features two books in one. Republic Falling: Advent of a New Dawn is the first book in the series. In this first book, the class struggle becomes the pivotal point of conflict in a utopian world where the government of the Commonwealth lives luxuriously with the select few in Eden while those in Satellite One experience misery. Randal Scott is a young soldier who, together with his lover Stacie Spencer, rises against the man who destroyed his mother. But nothing is what it seems as both the Commonwealth Defense Force and the Coalition of Rebel Factions show signs of betrayal to a cause he has believed in. Republic Under Siege: Threat from Within is the second book in this collection. Satellite One is already free, but Commonwealth breeds internal tensions. Akane Sugimori is a young immigrant from Satellite One who refuses to accept the class system in Eden. Will she enlist the help of Randal Scott and succeed in a war to alter the status quo?

This collection of two books is a gorgeous offering for fantasy fans with dystopian solid settings and unforgettable characters. The first thing that captivated me in Brooks' writing is the wonderful care he gives to characterization. Randal is not just a disgruntled soldier but one with a powerful motivation — he is out to get the man who destroyed his mother and the relationship between him and the enemy is wonderfully explored, one that is complex. The social commentaries offer a vivid image of the class distinction in the new worlds that humanity inhabits. While this is an imaginary tale with a beautifully imagined setting, it provides strong and resonant themes, a reflection of some of the ills of contemporary society where the majority must work hard to support the lifestyles of the few. Michael J. Brooks writes in a captivating voice and prose that is hugely descriptive, offering scenes that are focused and emotionally intense. I was swept off my feet from the first book and continued straight into the second installment in the series. The richly textured writing, the captivating world-building, and the intrigue kept me moving from page to page. It will have you invested from start to finish and left wanting more.

Reviewed By: Franklin Bauer

Reviewed Date: July 22, 2023

Category: Sci-Fi and Fantasy

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