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Category:Science Fiction & Fantasy

Author:Christopher Zyck

  • Publisher: CJZ Media Island
  • Publication Date: September 9, 2022
  • Number of Pages: 456
  • ISBN-10: 979-8-9868928-0-1

In The Glass Planet by Christopher Zyck, two people wake up in a cave, 350 years in the future of their time, without any memories. They have no knowledge of how they happened to get there. They begin to move through the jungle that lies before them with excitement, eventually meeting some humans and learning that they are archeologists transported from another timeline. Catherine and Jürgen find themselves in a world with technology that is far advanced from where they came from; a world that is a utopia, where the wellbeing of human beings is at the center of every enterprise and people can extend their lifespan at the age of twenty-five through a scientific procedure. Here overpopulation is checked by the restrictions on how many children a couple can have. But greedy and exploitative characters like Patrick want to take advantage of Catherine and Jürgen in expanding their personal agendas.

Fans of speculative literature with strong hints of SF will devour this captivating book in big gulps. The author focuses on creating a world better than ours and it is meticulously written. The book highlights the dangers of greed and the unmitigated quest for power and wealth that can have devastating effects on humanity. At the heart of this narrative is the battle to protect the Glass Planet from the greed of people like Minister Riverstrike. Zyck imagines a world that is unique and rich and manages to convey the idea that things are not what they always seem to be with refinement. The Earth in 2352 offers the perfect Shangri-La, but it remains fragile to dangers that are as subtle as they are powerful. This is a fiercely imaginative work with characters that are complex and believable. The Glass Planet is one of those books that transport readers to a world they wish they inherited. 

Reviewed By: David Reyes

Reviewed Date: November 7, 2022

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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