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The Walls of Woodmyst (The Woodmyst Chronicles Book I)

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Author:Robert E Kreig

  • Publisher: WHITEKEEP BOOKS
  • Publication Date: December 8, 2021
  • Number of Pages: 316
  • ISBN-13: 9780645235425
  • ASIN: B09C4KQF11

The Walls of Woodmyst is the first book in The Woodmyst Chronicles by Robert E Kreig, a tale in which the innocent and unknowing villagers have to fight against a mysterious and powerful enemy, but will they be able to protect their home?

When a mutilated body is discovered in the village of Woodmyst, residents are confused about who did it and what their motive could be. The savaged body is a message to them all: we’re coming for you! Hooded figures begin to appear in the forest near the village, readying for an attack, but why are they targeting so many innocent lives? The creatures bring a multitude of shocking and gruesome memories for Richard, a Woodmyst villager, who begins to believe that the current attacks on his village are revenge for something horrific that took place a long time ago. When Alan Warde and other council members of the village band together to fight the unknown forces, they are caught unprepared and outnumbered in the field. Will they be able to survive against them and protect their home on the Walls of Woodmyst?

The Walls of Woodmyst by Robert E Kreig is an incredible blend of drama and fantasy that follows the lives and history of the people of Woodmyst village. The novel’s world-building is exceptional as the author describes the inhabitants’ lives in the lush, idyllic village of Woodmyst. It is a world that uproots the reader from the immediate environment and thrusts them into a stunningly imagined and excellently developed world shaken by the horrors of violent attacks. The setting itself feels like a character on its own right. The cast of characters is well-developed and the sterling writing mixes with the strong imagery and skilfully crafted dialogues to deliver the kind of entertainment readers seek in original, action-packed tales that are suspenseful. 

Reviewed By: Christian Fernandez

Reviewed Date: June 19, 2022

Category: Fantasy - General

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