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A Ghost for a Clue (Immortology, Book 1)

Category:Science Fiction & Fantasy

Author:C.L.R. Draeco

  • Publisher: Amaranth Publishing
  • Publication Date: March 23, 2020
  • Number of Pages: 444

A Ghost for a Clue is the first book in the Immortology series by C.L.R. Draeco and a delightful read for fans of well-crafted and compelling science fiction narratives. Bram Morrison wants to become an astronaut, but his life takes a drastic turn when he receives a phone call from his dead friend. Is it real, or is it a nasty prank? Morrison believes the latter to be true until he meets with Torula Jackson, who says her botany laboratory might be haunted.

Now, Morrison must seek answers to his questions about the afterlife, and his only option is to find a way to communicate with a ghost for a clue. What happens to us when we die, and where do our memories go? Morrison must stop his research to focus on a career he has long dreamt of, but his deepening relationship with Torula Jackson and a series of twists end up with him being even more involved than he was before. Faced with criticism and his own skepticism, Morrison continues his experiments to find out what the physics of our souls contain. Will Morrison ever find the truth and, if he does, will he like what he finds?

To say that this book is chilling will be an understatement. The protagonist is a NASA engineer accompanied by Torula Jackson, a botanist. So they use scientific methods and explore theories from the spiritual and Christian concepts to get answers for questions that are metaphysical, all through a single ghost. The author brings his unique voice to the masses with an unmatched story and character development. This book is a must-read for metaphysical fiction lovers and those looking for tales that are intricately plotted and intelligently executed. A Ghost for a Clue is a refreshing new story that stands out in its originality. With factual data backed by concepts of physics and scientific terminology, it’s hard to tell fiction from reality as readers follow the realistic and compelling characters.   

Reviewed By: Matthew Novak

Reviewed Date: November 18, 2021

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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