The Princess and the Plumber: Beast to Beauty


Author:M David Lutz

  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publication Date: February 8, 2020
  • Number of Pages: 242
  • ISBN-13: 979-8608974915
  • ASIN: B084DKDBM3

M. David Lutz’s The Princess and the Plumber: Beast to Beauty is whimsical and captivating, set in the enchanting Kingdom of Parking-Lot, where crystal things drip from all corners and sulking dragons hide in their dens. At the heart of this kingdom lies the modest settlement of Lot, ruled by King Public and Queen Ample Parking, whose mild cruelty and greed are offset by the kingdom's prosperity. The story revolves around Princess Tundra, whose unconventional appearance and seclusion overshadow the kingdom’s future. As her parents desperately seek a suitor willing to overlook her flaws, the kingdom faces uncertainty and despair. However, hope emerges in the form of Olaf, a humble plumber who befriends Tundra and harbors feelings for her.

The author builds on humor, adventure, and touching moments throughout the narrative, inviting readers on a journey filled with colorful characters and whimsical scenes. From the bustling court of Parking-Lot to the grand Small Hall of the palace, each setting is brought to life with vivid descriptions and lively interactions. The scenes are beautifully rendered and focused, whether it is in the dimly lit chambers of the royal palace, where Tundra's faithful nurse, Meredith, attempts to boost her confidence despite her insecurities, or in the grand Small Hall, where King Parking and Queen Ample consider the prospect of finding a suitable match for their daughter, thinking about the burden of courtship with wit and whimsy. Readers are treated to a series of delightful encounters and unexpected twists, from Olaf and Jonathan's daring quest for the rare Halle-Berry nectar to Tundra's journey of self-discovery across various kingdoms. Along the way, themes of friendship, loyalty, and the pursuit of true love resonate deeply, enriching the story's enchanting charm. The Princess and the Plumber: Beast to Beauty is a delightful fairy tale for grown-ups with a unique twist on classic themes. Its engaging characters, whimsical scenes, and heartfelt moments will captivate readers of all ages. I particularly enjoyed the humor, the gorgeous writing, and the wisdom that permeates the story.

Reviewed By: Cristina Prescott

Reviewed Date: April 25, 2024


Sci-Fi & Fantasy