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A Moonserpent Tale

Category:Science Fiction & Fantasy

Author:Rosemarie Montefusco

  • Publication Date: November 21, 2021
  • Number of Pages: 333
  • ISBN-13: 979-8766900832
  • ASIN: B09M2LPN74

A Moonserpent Tale by Rosemarie Montefusco has an irresistible appeal to fans of fantasy, a tale that is filled with adventure, magic, and romance. Araina is painfully aware that her world is dying — crops are diminishing and disease increases. Her aunt and mentor dies asking her to accomplish a mission for her. She is tasked to bring two books to her aunt's magical colleagues who are investigating the dangers that threaten their world. Araina's dormant magical powers begin to manifest while on her mission and the coven believes she is the right person for an important mission. Apart from dealing with the land that is fast going barren, a powerful force is out in search of magical artifacts that are scattered throughout the land. Araina must figure out the connection between these happenings and how to redeem her world.

Montefusco plots deftly and weaves a tale that is balanced and immersive. The heroine is a young witch who is discovering her powers. She is uncertain and afraid, but as she grows from one challenge to another, her confidence grows as well. Her companions on this quest include Sol, a soldier who knows the territory and acts as her guide. There is a small elf called den who flies around on a pigeon. The impeccable world-building had me mesmerized. It is a complex and detailed world that is stunningly imagined and excellently written. In this enthralling tale, adventure intersects with magic and readers find themselves in the company of characters that are believable, genuinely flawed, and navigating situations that are written with conviction. A Moonserpent Tale is a story about loss, adventure, and the quest for restoration, one with defiant hope at its core. This mesmerizing, enticing tale deftly explores the boundaries between dream and reality, transporting readers into a world where magic is rooted in human effort and where personal growth happens alongside the vicissitudes of life. The evocative prose and the confident narrative voice are among the many elements that will arrest the attention of readers. 

Reviewed By: Jane Riley

Reviewed Date: June 4, 2023

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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