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The Last Elf Daughter

Category:Fiction - Fantasy

Author:Jennifer Shand

  • Publisher: Olympia Publishers
  • Publication Date: January 25, 2024
  • Number of Pages: 146
  • ISBN-10: 1804393819
  • ISBN-13: 978-1804393819

The Last Elf Daughter by Jennifer Shand takes readers on an enchanting adventure through a captivating YA urban fantasy. Evie appears to be an ordinary thirteen-year-old girl, enjoying time with her friends, participating in sports, and beginning to notice a boy in her class who catches her interest. Everything about her life seems typical—until it isn't. When Evie suddenly becomes gravely ill under mysterious circumstances, her parents unveil an astonishing secret: she is the daughter of a female elf, making her the last young female elf in America. Evie possesses a unique power that holds the key to restoring balance and protecting her people from impending darkness. She must come to terms with her new identity and harness her exceptional abilities in a world that can be, at times, unforgiving.  

The characters in The Last Elf Daughter are well-developed and relatable. Evie Baker, in particular, is a compelling protagonist who undergoes a remarkable transformation as she navigates the challenges of new experiences. She manages to change Carter's perspective on elves and herself. It is more than she could have hoped for.  Her journey from a typical teenager to the key figure in an ancient struggle unfolds with excitement and profound emotional growth. Her bravery is underscored by her willingness to confront her fears—whether learning to ride the wind, accepting her identity as an elf, or visiting Carter in prison. Despite her age, Evie exhibits maturity by understanding the motivations driving Carter’s actions and, ultimately, offering him forgiveness. Carter Millan is a complex antagonist whose transformation from a tormented young man to a remorseful individual adds a layer of nuance to the story. Initially driven by misdirected anger and a deep-seated sense of inadequacy, Carter’s actions are heinous but understandable when viewed through the lens of his pain and his biological mother’s rejection. His admission of guilt and his eventual heartfelt apology to Evie show significant character development. Carter’s arc underscores the themes of forgiveness and redemption, demonstrating that even those who have committed terrible acts can find a path to remorse and change. The Last Elf Daughter has an electrifying premise, a twisty plot, and finely drawn and lovable characters. 

Reviewed By: Jane Riley

Reviewed Date: June 11, 2024

Category: Fiction - Fantasy

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