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Three Immortals

Category:Fiction - Science Fiction

Author:Bert-Oliver Boehmer

  • Publisher: SpringwaldWeller
  • Publication Date: October 6, 2021
  • Number of Pages: 346
  • ISBN-10: 1737883104
  • ISBN-13: 978-1737883104

Aliens foreign to the Milky Way have ravaged and devastated the galaxy. In this bloody killing spree, the interstellar human civilization has also been destroyed. Skipping 2400 years into the further, human society has risen again. The immortals ruling the galaxy are being challenged by a relentless and merciless empress. The famous war hero Kel Chaada has taken command and is leading a band of small mining worlds, but he soon finds out that his entire world is being upended by the clashing powers he is facing. When Kel is accused of murder, he must flee the human space to save himself. However, in a thrilling turn of events, Kel stumbles across an ancient civilization and the revered powers they possess near the edge of the galaxy.

Three Immortals by Bert-Oliver Boehmer is an enthralling sci-fi that combines the worlds of space opera and galactic wars to create an exciting reading experience. The complexities of interstellar warfare make for an incredibly intriguing backstory. Kel’s going on a journey where he discovers an ancient alien race and a legendary power, a tragic account of what humanity has suffered over the centuries, and the exciting technology are just some of the many wonderful elements that enrich the narrative. The characters are exceptionally written, coming across to readers as realistic as they can be. Three Immortals is an action-packed novel, a masterful blend of science fiction and fantasy; it is a well-plotted story that is as imaginative as it is entertaining. The tangled web of intrigue, the suspense, and the phenomenal conflict are some of the accomplishments that Bert-Oliver Boehmer delivers in this spellbinding tale.

Reviewed By: Jane Riley

Reviewed Date: January 20, 2022

Category: Fiction - Science Fiction

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