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Discovering Life's Purpose: Re-Examining the Club

Category:Non-Fiction - Inspirational

Author:Del Smith

  • Publisher: Xulon Press
  • Publication Date: July 5, 2018
  • Number of Pages: 388
  • ISBN-10: 1545612048
  • ISBN-13: 978-1545612040
  • ASIN: B07FB5Z413

Discovering Life's Purpose: Re-Examining the Club by Del H. Smith is a book that challenges what most readers know about God as presented in Christianity. This author sets out to establish that a personal encounter with God is possible and explores spiritual wisdom that will help readers understand their life's purpose and pursue it. Readers encounter the work of an author who put into question most of what he was taught, growing up as a Roman Catholic, and who confronts the Bible with writings from atheists, scrutinizing the doctrine of Jesus and seeking to uncover the real nature of God. At the heart of this book is the question: Can one find meaning and purpose by looking beyond religion and can one know his life's purpose with absolute certainty?

Del H. Smith establishes that life has a purpose and sets out to show readers how to find it. While religion can offer a path to understanding life's purpose, this author takes the path of Experiential Learning and shows readers how to uncover the Creator's will for them. His experience is pioneering and it offers a path that others can use to connect more intimately to life's purpose. Readers will find clarity on very controversial topics like masturbation, contraception, homosexuality, celibacy and female ordination, and adultery. The author explores the principle of love and affirms that it is at the center of life's purpose. Discovering Life's Purpose: Re-Examining the Club has a lot to offer readers and I particularly enjoyed the author's deft exploration of the key wisdom in both the Old and New Testaments and his interpretation of the law of love for God and neighbor. The book is deeply researched, crafted in beautiful prose, and brimming with wisdom and insight. 

Reviewed By: Kim Calderon

Reviewed Date: December 11, 2022

Category: Non-Fiction - Inspirational