After Stroke


Author:David M. Hinds

  • Publisher: Thorsons Pub
  • Publication Date: June 15, 2000
  • Number of Pages: 224
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-83778-005-1

After Stroke by David M. Hinds is a timely and very resonant book that gives practical guidance on recovery from stroke. While more than 795,000 people in the United States have a stroke every year and the deaths resulting from stroke are alarming, this book offers a message of hope — stroke should not upend anyone’s life. This book is a survival and healing guide for persons who have experienced a stroke, written by a victim who survived and who is thriving.

In this book, David M. Hinds shares the techniques he used to heal from stroke and the book includes a simplified systematic guide to complete recovery. The author writes brilliantly about stress management, building and maintaining a positive attitude toward life, and resilience. Readers will know why they need to take the steps outlined in this book, establish the balance between exercises and rest, and understand the link between their emotions and the healing journey, and a lot more. In addition to providing techniques for recovery from stroke, this book offers a comprehensive understanding of stroke and why it happens, providing advice on where and how to find the best help and successfully work with professionals.

Hinds writes in clear and engaging prose and in a voice that is authoritative and compassionate at the same time. The book brilliantly covers the most important aspect of the experience and highlights the pain after the stroke and the emotions that follow —frustration, anger, and more. The author shares insights into handling these emotions and using them to grow. After Stroke is a powerful resource for anyone who has experienced a stroke and those who take care of them. Hinds punctuates the writing with intelligently designed diagrams to make understanding easier and show readers what they need to do. This informative, useful tool is a book with a message that will transform lives broken by stroke, a rare gift for victims and their caregivers. This book shows readers how to use the experience of stroke as an opportunity for personal growth. 

Reviewed By: Cristina Prescott

Reviewed Date: October 10, 2023