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The Talking Forest: Tree Runes for a New Millennium

Category:Non-Fiction - New Age

Author:Kay Broome

  • Publisher: Kay Broome
  • Publication Date: May 9, 2022
  • Number of Pages: 380
  • ISBN-10: 97817771170
  • ISBN-13: 1777117011

Kay Broome introduces a wide array of runes that reflect the qualities and hidden characters of guardians of the forest and field. The Talking Forest: Tree Runes for a New Millennium features 42 runes, each representing a tree and the author explores the spiritual qualities of each tree, the myths surrounding each of the trees, and the unique history of each of them. As one follows the presentation of each rune, one discovers relationships between these trees and humanity. One reads about tree spirits and discovers the connection between Larch and the Shaman, Beech and literacy, and more.

In Kay Broome's book, trees take not only form but characteristics of beings. Folklore is woven into the book, engaging fables that are as entertaining as they are thought-provoking. The author's fascination for trees is felt in the introductory pages: “Trees are Earth’s largest organisms. They neither walk nor talk, nor converse in any palpable way, yet they engage us like no other living thing.” The book illustrates the powerful truth that trees affect the human psyche in mysterious ways at times. For instance, old trees give a strong sense of continuity and provide a unique historical and social resonance. The runes are wonderfully explained and they help readers in understanding the nature of trees.

Broome deftly weaves personal stories and experiences into the writing, allowing a strong and vivid connection between humans and trees. For instance, she notes that she was often lulled to sleep by the whispering of Carolina poplars swaying outside her bedroom window. The Talking Forest: Tree Runes for a New Millennium is extensively researched and it will alter the way readers look at the majestic creatures of the forest. This book will fill readers' minds with new knowledge and awareness of the spiritual energy in trees; it is a powerful testament that trees do really talk, nourish, and guide us beyond being physical pointers. It is engaging and beautifully written, a book that captures the exceptional value of trees and communicates the message that they should be protected for history and society. The haunting beauty of this book and its spiritual resonances and clarity will have readers in awe; it is as immersive as it is informational.

Reviewed By: Matthew Novak

Reviewed Date: July 6, 2023

Category: Non-Fiction - New Age