Frontal Fatigue. The Impact of Modern Life and Technology on Mental Illness.


Author:Mark D Rego, M.D.

  • Publisher: River Grove Books
  • Publication Date: October 1, 2021
  • Number of Pages: 248
  • ISBN-10: 1632994348
  • ISBN-13: 978-1632994349

Modern gives the illusion that it is easy. But we suffer from more mental stress and illnesses than ever before. This book is an insight into how technology has become the center of our world and its harmful repercussions for our psychological and overall well-being. Dr. Rego asks readers why safe citizens of first-world countries with ample supply of good food, housing, and medical care still seem to be increasingly dissatisfied with their lives and themselves. He expertly explains the neuroscience of the brain, and how the excessive information available to our brain 24/7 contributes to the fatigue our brain’s frontal lobes experience. The widespread use of technology has overwhelmed our computing capacity to the point that we are at risk of being neurologically drained.

Frontal Fatigue: The Impact of Modern Life and Technology on Mental Illness by Mark D Rego, M.D. is a practical approach to dealing with the stress in our lives through proper and conscious body maintenance exercises. Our emotional and mental capacities are being challenged by the influx of information and societal expectations of the 21st century. Our lives at this point are so different from what our brains have evolved to handle. This book offers tools for readers to not only understand the nefarious effects of contemporary and advanced technology but the ability to create balance and to create a lifestyle that handles the stress resulting from overwhelming information.

An intensive yet insightful book about the psychology of the minds of today, Frontal Fatigue offers a compelling and timely message to a larger audience than just those in the medical profession. The book also proposes remarkable conscious practical efforts to improve the health of the mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Rego provides extensive and ample neuroscientific research to support his hypotheses about the detrimental effects of technology on our well-being. If you are looking for crisp insights about collective deteriorating mental health in modern times and how you can take active steps to better your perspective, Frontal Fatigue: The Impact of Modern Life and Technology on Mental Illness by Mark D Rego, M.D. is the perfect book for you to read. Expertly written and replete with must-know information. 

Reviewed By: Matthew Novak

Reviewed Date: November 11, 2021

Category: Psychology