Confronting the Thief Within: How I Quit Earning God's Love and Embraced My Real Id


Author:Wes Olds

  • Publisher: Invite Press
  • Publication Date: October 1, 2023
  • Number of Pages: 152
  • ISBN-10: 1953495532
  • ISBN-13: 978-1953495532

Wes Olds’ book is a gem with resonant themes, a timely message in an age where burnout and depression are commonplace. The central theme in this book is freedom and it is explored in the prism of the author's relationship with himself and with God. The author starts by sharing his personal struggles, including the opposition he was met with when, freshly out from the seminary, he was assigned to “bring life to a dead, 112-year-old, inner-city church.” He shares a painful journey filled with mindless attacks, fear, and growing tensions within the community, walking readers through moments of frustration, loss, anger, and exhaustion. Readers encounter a person who has forgotten who he truly was and who struggled to meet the expectations of others. But then, goaded by true friends and inspired by God's word, Wes Olds set out on a journey to reclaiming his inner freedom, peace, and identity. This book shows readers how that personal change and transformation happened.

Confronting the Thief Within: How I Quit Earning God's Love and Embraced My Real Identity by Wes Olds is an inspirational book with strong psychological underpinnings. It is a book that showcases the healing power of God's word and that shows readers that the Bible has the power to transform us and in ways we can never fully understand. It features all the components of lasting change and healing — forgiveness, wholeness, unconditional love, personal peace, freedom, and inspiration to move forward. There are inspiring and deeply emotional moments like when, while preaching and utterly shaken, the author noticed the figure of his youth church choir director, Bonnie Crandall, now a pastoral counselor, in the crowd. Their journey together through counseling unearths wonderful lessons in the role the Bible plays in psychotherapy. This book is written for those who feel trapped in the perennial game of wanting to please others while neglecting their own inner voices and self-worth. Thief Within: How I Quit Earning God's Love and Embraced My Real Identity features a voice that is authentic; it is exquisite and offers lessons that readers will think about for many years. In turn poignant and illuminating, Olds discusses a transforming encounter with the God who liberates and restores us to wholeness and he does so in language that is clear and a voice that is both authoritative and compassionate. It is an insightful, revealing look into the power of personal transformation through tools that are accessible to readers across the world.


Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo

Reviewed Date: June 30, 2023