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Category:Detective & Mystery

Author:Jonathan J. Brown

  • Publisher: Down and Out Books
  • Number of Pages: 198

Lou Crasher is a drummer & private detective who has stumbled into trouble. He discovers singer Trix Rockland dead, her face buried in a pile of Cocaine. There is evidence of foul play. The police initially suspect Lou, but he provides an alibi and possesses no motive. The lead detective politely warns Lou not to interfere with the homicide investigation. However, Trix’s daughter reaches out to Lou and begs for him to dig into the case. Lou conducts a sub rosa inquiry, talking to Trix’s bandmates. Lou learns that Trix was about to sign with a record label. The owner of the label seems sketchy to Lou and therefore a subject of further interest. Lou comes to an arrangement with Lead Detective Tanaka to share information, but Lou soon finds out that this arrangement is as complicated as the investigation. Lou will need to tread carefully or find himself wearing an inmate jumpsuit or toe tag.

Drums, Guns ‘N’ Money is a spirited mystery with comic undertones diving into the often chaotic world of Lou Crasher. Author Jonathan Brown dispenses with any pretense with his opening sentence throwing the reader into a room with a fresh corpse. Crasher is a near-perfect protagonist, a good man who knows his flaws and limitations. The pacing is consistent throughout the book, never losing its footing as Crasher gets closer and closer to his target. The cast of characters featured in this rock n’ roll whodunit range from the sleazy record impresario capable of various sins to the victim’s wildcard daughter, the female detective whom Crasher risks running afoul during his pursuit. Brown has written a book that fires on all cylinders with a highly likable protagonist in Lou Crasher.

Reviewed By: Philip Zozzaro

Reviewed Date: March 18, 2023

Category: Detective & Mystery