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Crimson Zero

Category:Action & Adventure

Author:Ryan Gallant

  • Publisher: Mirador Publishing
  • Publication Date: February 29, 2016
  • Number of Pages: 282
  • ISBN-10: 1911044524
  • ISBN-13: 978-1911044529

Former Canadian recon officer, John Burke, has served time in a military prison and is given a second chance to redeem himself from a disgraceful crime by working at Canada's counter-intelligence agency in Ottawa. Still traumatized by his past, Burke is assigned to assist the organization's NATO partners in West Africa to put a stop to an Al Qaeda arsenal deal. He is designated to hunt down Ares Syndicate, their trafficking network, and their ruthless biochemical weapon, Crimson Zero, which could cause a domino effect for uninhibited nuclear propagation worldwide. Burke allies with CIA and the British MI6 along the way as his search takes him around the globe from Ottawa to Athens to Costa Dorada. As the story unfolds, John continues to struggle with drawing the line between right and wrong. But as the plot becomes complicated, one thing becomes certain: there is a deadly leak within their network.

Crimson Zero is the first book in the John Burke crime thriller series written by Ryan Gallant. Fast-paced with an intricate plot, Ryan Gallant has crafted this book for true suspense lovers. It is an imaginative read that will transport you to the Gothic Quarter in Spain and beautiful Ottawa with vibrant details. The colloquial language adds to the beauty of the narrative and uncovers qualities in the characters that readers will love.   

This is a thrilling story highlighting Canadian espionage, American readers will be able to relate more easily to the CIA agent Jill Pearce. Crimson Zero explores the story of anguished John Burke as his character transforms throughout the book along with the British MI6 agent Billy Styles and CIA agent Jill Pearce. Ryan Gallant's debut novel of 400 pages is extremely gripping, replete with vivid details and well-thought-out characters. If you are a crime thriller buff and are looking for a fresh crime suspense story, Crimson Zero by Canadian author Ryan Gallant is the perfect book for you. 

Reviewed By: David Reyes

Reviewed Date: November 9, 2021

Category: Action & Adventure