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Powerballs: Be careful what you wish for.

Category:Action & Adventure

Author:Jimmy Clifton

  • Publisher: Northport Communications LLC
  • Publication Date: May 7, 2021
  • Number of Pages: 250
  • ISBN-10: 0578867451
  • ISBN-13: 978-0578867458

Henry Ball and Rose are sailing through their strained marriage whilst coping with the financial strains that life has brought to them. However, things take a significant, exciting, yet dangerous turn as the couple wins a record-breaking Powerball lottery. With the newfound wealth, the couple goes headfirst into the wealthy-rich world without knowing the ABCs of it. Henry Ball learns about treachery and deceit as he goes on a yacht that belongs to a crazy Russian oligarch. On the other hand, Rose finds herself falling for the wrong man. Their dream lives come crumbling down as the couple’s investment banker makes a bad judgment. With no money left to save Rose from an unfortunate fate, Henry must come to her rescue. But will it be too late or can he muster enough fight to save her?

Powerballs: Be Careful What You Wish For by Jimmy Clifton is an adventure-filled read with great doses of comedy, romance, and suspense. The story is realistic and explores what happens when people suddenly find themselves in situations they never anticipated or a state in life they never labored for. The author disappeared at sea on June 7th, 2020, leaving behind brilliant compositions of tales, stories, experiences, and fantasies that are now being published by his kin, Michael Hayes. The story has been beautifully written with a modern flair; it is fast-paced and the superior storytelling skill absorbs the reader. It is balanced and deft, featuring fully drawn characters and bold themes. Although short, the story leaves a lasting impact as it touches on how unexpected, unearned wealth can affect the lives of ordinary people. It dives into the world of mistrust, betrayal, and love in the most awe-inspiring and fascinating manner.

Jimmy Clifton has a unique style and unmatched creativity when it comes to creating compelling plot points. He has masterfully conveyed his message and made this story believable with creative twists and turns. The story will take readers on a journey as they learn the horrifying effects that dollar bills can have on people. The unpredictability of the tale kept me turning the pages. 

Reviewed By: Franklin Bauer

Reviewed Date: November 17, 2021

Category: Action & Adventure