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Legend of the Horizon Vengeance

Category:Action & Adventure

Author:Dave Matthes

  • Publisher: Amazon
  • Publication Date: November 29, 2021
  • Number of Pages: 478
  • ISBN-13: 9798674041337
  • ASIN: B097C9SJ81

After the successful Battle of New Canterton waged by the Tuskatawa Tribe in the North, the land has suffered unexpected twists, including people who do not believe in the cause anymore. In the South, Rancid Mahoney — an exiled man who has always been in the service of someone else, a man who doesn’t remember much of what Home used to be since the day he was taken away from his father and mother at sixteen — answers the call of an old mentor, Frank Delmont. Frank has served under Gunther Ostrander and is now retired, embarking on a perilous journey to reconnect with Plath, his brother, and Wyatt, his son. Frank and Maloney set out on a journey across the sea aboard the Moonlady. Will Maloney find his biological mother and can Franck reconnect with his brother and son? What awaits these two on this treacherous adventure is nothing any of them bargained for: another plague in the name of the Mantle of Fire, a Fleet of merciless and bloodthirsty pirates who have given untold trouble to Empress Val Remo’s rule.

Legend of the Horizon Vengeance by Dave Matthes is the second book in The Two Revolvers Saga, and it reads perfectly as a standalone novel. Told in a captivating first-person narrative voice, it offers background information that allows readers to understand what happened in the first book. Dave Matthes’ writing is stylistic and the skillful execution of dialogues absorbs the reader right off the bat. The dialogues reflect the setting and culture in which the characters evolve and the way the author translates the manner of speech of some of the characters and their accent into the dialogues is marvelous. The setting is beautifully written, a world ridden with conflict, featuring rugged landscapes and desolate imagery. Elements of nature, such as the storm, the rise and ebb of the waves as they clash on the rocks underneath the cliff, the heaving sea, and more, are expertly written into the story.

Legend of the Horizon Vengeance is a novel for readers who enjoy well-written adventures with characters that are elaborately developed and multilayered. It is packed with action and the author develops a powerful conflict, presenting two compelling characters, one on the path to redemption and the author on a mission to find meaning in his life. But they find themselves wedged between two powerful enemies, the pirates and a vengeful Chief Zao of the Black Boar Tribe who is out to take down deserters of the war in the North. Dave Matthes writes in gorgeous prose, and the story is chockfull with insightful thoughts that reflect both context and the nature of the characters. Here is one that will make anyone pause to reflect on its deeper meaning: “Apathy is its own form of destruction. To not act is the same as acting. You’ll see. One day. The traitor now in charge will see more than any of us.” Apart from the key characters, readers will adore the unique care the author gives to minor characters like Longbar. Legend of the Horizon Vengeance is a cracking good read that upholds an atmosphere that is dark and gritty, featuring characters that are quirky and unforgettable, and taking readers on a pulse-pounding adventure across the troubled waters. It is a book with strong plot points that are seamlessly tied together at the end, yet leaving the reader with the urge to open the next book in the series.

Reviewed By: Bertin Drizller

Reviewed Date: September 9, 2021

Category: Action & Adventure