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Pimping Out My Sister-In-Law

Category:Fiction - Anthology

Author:Sheldon Charles

  • Publisher: Valkyrie Spirit Publishing
  • Publication Date: December 19, 2020
  • Number of Pages: 85
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-7339588-7-5
  • ASIN: B08QFT7SV9

In Pimping out My Sister-In-Law*: Volume 1, Sheldon Charles delivers a gorgeous offering of four engaging short stories with characters that are for a great company. Carson and Melissa who have once been lovers and have lost touch with each other meet again in “Words Ever Unspoken.” This time, and a long while after their breakup, they must choose what really makes their hearts throb. A stunning girl captures the heart of a young man after a seemingly innocent and simple request in “It’s a Surreal Thing.” In “A Scent of the Virus,” a young man faces the challenges of living under the Covid-19 lockdown while struggling to reconnect with a memory of love. “Just Down from Rimpy’s Bait Shop” examines the relationship between a grandson and his dying grandfather.  

Sheldon Charles’ short stories are engaging and filled with symbolism. One of the symbols that stand out in the narrative is the candle with a unique scent and it serves as the link between the protagonist in the story and an experience of love that continually eludes him. The characters are real and deal with issues that are resonant. The examination of the relationship between an elderly man living his last days and his grandson is poignant. This collection features stories that are intelligently plotted, each infused with emotional tension that builds up to a satisfying denouement. They offer gripping plotlines, surprise endings, and they intelligently explore themes of loss and love, meaning and purpose, and humanity. Any reader will be able to find in this collection a character to love, an experience that resonates with something they have experienced or felt, or a plot twist that just surprises them. Pimping out My Sister-In-Law*: Volume 1 is the pick for short story fans looking for stylistic writing, great pacing, and unforgettable characters dealing with familiar issues.  

Reviewed By: Franklin Bauer

Reviewed Date: March 1, 2022

Category: Fiction - Anthology