Sydney's Passion


Author:Susie wright

  • Publisher: Fulton Books
  • Publication Date: June 10, 2022
  • Number of Pages: 270
  • ISBN-10: 978-1-63985-341-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-63985-503-2
  • ASIN: B0B3SFYM69

Sydney's Passion by Susie Wright is the story that follows a young girl who is out to make her dream come true in the horse racing industry. Kentucky has one of the most outstanding tracks for equestrian racers and young Chase Payne stands out, bathing in his glory of continually excelling on the tracks. There is no sign of giving up as he goes from one win to the next. But who is this boy called Chase? An unexpected accident might have surprises for readers, and more.

This is a well-plotted story that will instantly arrest the attention of horse racing fans. It is an inspirational story that depicts what a young girl will do to achieve her lifelong dream, a story with nerve-jerking twists that readers won't see coming. Sydney is a nuanced, compelling character who defies the odds to be where she has always wanted to be — a delightful disguise and nerve to get her going until everything changes. Themes of sports, family, parenting, faith, friendship, and adventure are deftly woven into the fabric of this mesmerizing tale. It is brimming with drama, and apart from the gorgeous prose, the author creates dialogues that are hugely entertaining and that feel natural. The inspirational messages abound in this novel that has strong spiritual underpinnings. Readers will be intrigued about the real identities of Sydney Ashcraft and Wyatt Gentry. Susie Wright's Sydney's Passion is as heartwarming as it is entertaining, cleverly plotted and featuring a heroine who invents her role in a male-dominated game. You'll love Chase and Sydney and the twist in these characters' journey will have you saying ''WOW'' when the last page is turned.

Reviewed By: Bertin Drizller

Reviewed Date: October 2, 2022