Rem's Chance


Author:Dave J. Andrae

  • Publisher: Kaji-Pup Press
  • Publication Date: June 3, 2024
  • Number of Pages: 236
  • ISBN-13: 979-8-89372-156-0
  • ASIN: B0D3187CC5

Amid a post-pandemic slump, forty-six-year-old Rem Bruxvoort finds himself stuck in Florida with his ex-fiancée and in a rocky relationship while trying to move forward. When a chance encounter reunites him with former bandmate Gene, they seek to revive the past, sparking a quest to locate their lost master tapes. Meanwhile, Julie, Gene's sister, escapes her mundane life to join them, reigniting old friendships and exploring new possibilities. Little do they know that a mysterious figure lurks in the shadows, harboring dark intentions. He is nameless, only referred to as “The Man.” As individual storylines intertwine, Dave J. Andrae's Rem's Chance delivers entertainment that combines humor, romance, and intrigue against the backdrop of Gen X angst and gritty crime.

With witty prose and colorful cultural references, this blended-genre novel promises a well-structured, page-turning journey filled with philosophical musings, band dynamics, and the pursuit of redemption. Readers are on edge as they wonder if the characters will uncover the truth about ''The Man'' or if he will enact his revenge with disastrous consequences. Rem's Chance by Dave J. Andrae intricately weaves a tale of characters whose lives intersect amidst tension and introspection. Through skillful storytelling, Andrae captures the essence of his characters, particularly Rem and the unnamed man, offering readers a glimpse into their multifaceted personalities and inner turmoil. Rem, the narrative's focal point, emerges as a character of depth; his tumultuous relationship with Dita is a canvas for exploring themes of love, insecurity, and self-discovery. Rem's reflective nature and emotional vulnerability resonate throughout the narrative as he struggles with past mistakes and uncertainties about the future. His interactions with Julie reveal a longing for intimacy and connection tempered by a sense of responsibility and moral ambiguity. In contrast, the unnamed man exudes an air of mystery and detachment, pursuing a solitary existence fraught with internal conflicts and external pressures. His strained relationships and troubled past hint at a soul facing personal demons. Despite his flaws, the unnamed man possesses a specific adaptability and resourcefulness that makes him face life with pragmatism and resourcefulness. The setting is finely drawn, and the characters are intriguing. There is no dull moment in this balanced and deftly executed tale. 

Reviewed By: Eugene Lasha

Reviewed Date: April 25, 2024