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The Skin Thief

Category:Supernatural Thrillers

Author:T.E. MacArthur

  • Publisher: Indies United Publishing House, LLC
  • Publication Date: March 16, 2023
  • Number of Pages: 315
  • ISBN-10: 164456596X
  • ISBN-13: 9781644565964
  • ASIN: B0BWK45577

The Skin Thief by T.E. MacArthur is an enthralling paranormal thriller with a terrific setting and intriguing characters. Tessa lost her partner in a past mission that went awfully wrong. Now she has the chance at redemption and the only opportunity to prove herself to her employer, a secret agency she works for. Her employer asks her to take on a mission that is already doomed. Many have died without completing it. She is desperate and reaches out to Jack de Sombras, her old partner and a man considered a traitor. Jack is hesitant but accepts to work with Tessa in investigating the brutal killings, but what they face is far worse than anything they could ever have imagined—assassins, a corrupt sheriff, ghosts, and a terrifying evil. Do they stand any chance of surviving what comes next?

With a vividly drawn setting in the haunted canyons of Southwest Colorado, The Skin Thief offers strong elements of paranormal, horror, and thriller. MacArthur's characters are richly drawn and with complex backgrounds. They are genuinely flawed, and while they have to battle powerful enemies, they also have their inner demons to deal with—unrequited love in the past and trauma. Jack is a broken character who fights to survive. The very nature of the Athenaeum Intelligence Agency adds a strong sense of mystery to this thrilling tale. Themes of love, friendship, and redemption are expertly woven into the fabric of this enticing narrative. Chilling and mesmerizing, The Skin Thief has an irresistible appeal to a wider audience, thanks to the well-imagined and intelligently accomplished plot, the skillful handling of conflict, and the impeccable world-building. MacArthur is an extraordinary storyteller who grabs the reader's attention from the beginning of the story to its surprising end, leaving them wanting for more. She writes in gorgeous prose filled with terrific descriptions and strong imagery. 

Reviewed By: Michael Rothrock

Reviewed Date: May 1, 2023

Category: Supernatural Thrillers

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