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Terror Bay: A Psychological Thriller

Category:Fiction - Thriller - Psychological

Author:Lisa Towles

  • Publisher: Indies United Publishing
  • Publication Date: November 29, 2023
  • Number of Pages: 350
  • ISBN-10: 978-1-64456-607-7

Terror Bay: A Psychological Thriller by Lisa Towles follows a genuinely flawed and relentless protagonist on a dangerous quest to locate a woman to whom he is connected by fate. Kurt Farin is a San Francisco homicide detective who survives a gunshot wound to his head. While in a coma, he has vivid dreams of a mysterious woman called Genevieve Lucas. He is determined to locate her and to unravel the mystery of what makes her seem familiar even if they have never met. Follow him as he teams up with his former partner, traveling to Puget Sound and following clues that lead to Alaska and to Canada. What is it that connects his destiny to Genevieve, and how is everything connected to a hidden treasure?

This twisty tale is suspenseful and I enjoyed the details woven into the plot. Towles creates a protagonist that instantly wins the sympathy of readers; a detective who is recovering from a grave wound and who is forced into a coma. But what happens in his mind is intriguing and readers want to discover the mysterious connection he has with Genevieve. His persistent forge forward makes readers think of him as foolhardy. He is portrayed as a brooding enigma, but also a man of action. The novel has strong elements of winning thrillers and the author delivers a nail-biting mystery that will have readers turning the pages — and delightfully. I love authors who plot deftly, create characters that are sophisticated, and excel in the storytelling craft and Lisa Towles is all of these. Terror Bay: A Psychological Thriller is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that is suspenseful and filled with unpredictable moments. A pure joy to read!

Reviewed By: Daniel Rhodes

Reviewed Date: August 20, 2023

Category: Fiction - Thriller - Psychological

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