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Death of the Limping Man

Category:Fiction - Mystery -Murder

Author:D.E. Ring

  • Publisher: Grinder
  • Publication Date: February 4, 0023
  • Number of Pages: 248
  • ISBN-10: 1738920526
  • ISBN-13: 978-1738920525
  • ASIN: B0BYQ47W39

Death of the Limping Man is the first entry in Urquhart & MacDonald Murder Mysteries by D.E. Ring, and it is an enthralling read for murder and mystery fans. Set in the years after WWII, the narrative transports readers to a seemingly idyllic small town overlooking the water. Life has been normal in the town until two kids witness the death of a limping man. Inspector Jimmy Urquhart is pulled into the most complicated case of his burgeoning career, being a rookie and lacking experience. Together with Alexandra MacDonald, a local reporter, Urquhart will have to uncover why the City Clerk, a survivor of polio, and a man who seems to break no rules gets killed. As the investigation continues, Urquhart quickly understands that the victim of the murder is as mysterious as the killer is elusive. Can he uncover every layer of the crime and unveil the face of the killer?

D.E. Ring is a gifted storyteller who surprises readers at every turn with plot twists. The twisty tale features characters that are sophisticated and the mystery builds up through every page. The setting itself feels like a character in its own right, a place that seems welcoming and peaceful but that is, in fact, a hideout for smugglers and the mafia. The relationships are intelligently explored and the pulse of the small town is impeccably captured. The narrative voice is fresh and fun to listen to; the setting is perfect for a cozy mystery; the quirky characters leap off the pages with life, and an endearing cast that will capture the interest of readers as they turn over the pages wanting to know who's committed the murder. Yes, the voice is a rich vintage that settles firmly with the humor. Death of the Limping Man is the first installment that is beautiful, deft, and balanced, and D.E. Ring establishes himself as a master storyteller to keep an eye on. Can't wait to see what happens in the next installment.

Reviewed By: Matthew Novak

Reviewed Date: June 30, 2023

Category: Fiction - Mystery -Murder

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