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My Name is Cain

Category:Fiction - Thriller

Author:Dean Sparks

  • Publisher: Insight Publishing Group
  • Publication Date: April 7, 2021
  • Number of Pages: 346
  • ISBN-10: 1943361754
  • ISBN-13: 978-1943361755

Hannah joins the Inner Circle of the Abbey of St. Margaret and soon realizes that her life will never be the same again. On the other hand, Mother Evelyn has a job awaiting the young nun who has recently graduated from college. During her travels from one corner of the earth to the other, Hannah tries to find answers to some seriously mind-boggling questions. Is the world’s first murderer, Cain, still alive? Is Mother Evelyn hiding something horrifyingly disturbing? Why did human life decrease to 80 years from 800 years? Join Hannah as she tries to find answers to some of the most complicated questions in her life.

In My Name is Cain, Dean Sparks proves that Christian fiction can be just as exciting and as bold as any other genre. Each character in the novel is ingeniously imagined and executed, multidimensional, and fully layered. The world-building is impeccable and as the story unfolds, readers are immersed in a complex universe filled with all kinds of characters, including extraterrestrial beings, cyborgs, space travel, and powerful, intelligent characters. The pacing is great and the writing is filled with detailed descriptions and strong imagery. The takes readers on a rollercoaster ride with shocking surprises and exciting plot twists. It’s an excellent, thrilling read that brings a variety of themes and genres into one fantastic journey for the reader. The plotting is a work of pure genius, the characters are unforgettable, and the plot is as unpredictable as any can be. 

Reviewed By: Matthew Novak

Reviewed Date: February 22, 2022

Category: Fiction - Thriller

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