Dinner At Tony Napoli's


Author:Edward Izzi

  • Publisher: Cassino Publishing
  • Publication Date: June 19, 2023
  • Number of Pages: 338
  • ISBN-10: 979-8-3990-10281

Everybody comes to Tony Napoli’s. It is a restaurant offering great food and memories along with a legendary owner in Antonio “Tony Napoli” Sorrentino. In 2022, ill health forces Tony to close his storied establishment after 50+ years and the building is set to be demolished. However, demolition crews make a discovery while in the process of the tear-down. Four bodies have been disinterred. The police are called in and have questions, especially as certain members of the Chicago Outfit were known to patronize Tony’s place. 

Detective Denny Romanowksi receives a phone call about the grisly discovery and heads to Tony Napoli’s. Denny can already sense the pending headache about this case because Tony is family. Tony pleads ignorance, but Denny’s boss and the Feds believe otherwise. Denny needs answers but will need to balance duty and loyalty as well.

Dinner at Tony Napoli’s is the latest thriller from the first-rate mind of author Edward Izzi (“Contracts for Sale”). The two primary characters are men facing tests of character in attempting to live honorable lives. Denny is a good cop and family man who loves his “Uncle” Tony but knows the type of figures he associates with. Tony lived the restaurant business and was good to everybody, yet allowed himself to get involved with unsavory types with hair-trigger tempers. The divided allegiance that Tony faces between the family and the Mafia provides the prominent impetus for much of the storyline. Izzi has done a fine job in penning a superb narrative bursting with the backstabbing and double-dealing of the underworld, yet being a book about the ties that bind people. A gorgeously written, captivating tale that keeps readers racing through the pages. 

Reviewed By: Philip Zozzaro

Reviewed Date: July 9, 2023

Category: Terrorist-Thriller

Thriller, Suspense & Mystery