Journey's Arcane


Author:Eda Scott

  • Publisher: Atmosphere Press
  • Publication Date: June 6, 2024
  • Number of Pages: 448
  • ISBN-13: 979-8-89132-244-8

Journey’s Arcane by Eda Scott is an intriguing narrative blending mystery, romance, and a dash of supernatural lore. The story follows Nora Carter, a young woman escaping the toxic grip of her family with the mission of preserving a historical property in Journey, Manitoba. Her journey is laden with personal revelations, family confrontations, and unexpected romantic entanglements, especially with the enigmatic bartender Leon. The book opens with a beautifully detailed description of Nora's nostalgic drive to this quaint town, setting the scene for a mix of small-town charm and personal reflection. Eda Scott's writing vividly paints the town of Journey, capturing its beauty and the emotional undertones of Nora's journey.

Nora's character development is impeccable, and readers will love to follow her as she transitions from someone burdened by her family's narcissistic tendencies to a woman discovering her strength and capacity for love. The interactions with her family—particularly the phone conversations with her manipulative mother and the lecherous Ivan—are especially telling. These scenes highlight the toxic dynamics Nora is striving to break free from. Leon, the bartender with captivating pinkish-orange eyes, is a fascinating romantic counterpart to Nora. Leon’s mysterious demeanor and the hints towards his supernatural entanglements move the plot forward, building suspense as readers are intrigued about this character. Their growing romance, punctuated by scenes of warmth and genuine connection, is marred by Nora’s unsettling visions that seem tied to the town's legends and Leon’s mysterious past.


The supernatural element, particularly Nora's visions while kissing Leon, introduces an unexpected twist to the narrative. These visions, which include disturbing and vivid scenes from what seems to be King Leon's past life, blur the lines between reality and folklore, making readers question Leon's true nature.

Ruby's character and Miss Gemma Ann's backstory enrich the story with a sense of generational wisdom and small-town kinship. Ruby’s acceptance and the nurturing relationship she develops with Nora offer a stark and comforting contrast to Nora’s biological family. While Journey’s Arcane explores deep themes of love, family dynamics, and self-discovery, the integration of supernatural visions could have been woven more seamlessly to avoid disorienting the reader. Nonetheless, Eda Scott creates a compelling world with richly drawn characters and a plot that keeps readers invested in Nora’s quest for both personal freedom and historical preservation. It is deft and balanced, a story that features stellar writing and unforgettable characters.


Reviewed By: James Farlow

Reviewed Date: June 4, 2024