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Places I Remember: Tales, Truths, Delights from 100 Countries

Category:Non-Fiction - Travel

Author:Lea Lane

  • Publisher: The Three Tomatoes Publishing
  • Publication Date: October 27, 2019
  • Number of Pages: 203
  • ISBN-10: 0578593319
  • ISBN-13: 978-0578593319
  • ASIN: 0578593319

Places I Remember: Tales, Truths, Delights from 100 Countries by Lea Lane is a memoir that follows the author's wonderful experiences traveling across seven continents, starting with her first overseas travel in 1965 for her honeymoon from the US to Europe. Over five decades, she has traveled to 100 countries and in this book, she shares interesting discoveries and memories of unique experiences and places. She has been mugged, she has found love on a cruise ship and watched people remarry, and she has clear memories of Germany using poison gas on the Western Front at the Second battle of Ypres. This travel memoir gives readers dazzling images of places in many countries across the world — Zimbabwe, Bahamas, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Greece, Egypt, Madagascar, Spain, Russia, the Philippines, Thailand, England, etc. Readers encounter different cultures and peoples as they journey across the continents with Lane.

Lea Lane is not just an admirable traveler but a seasoned author and travel writer with the unique ability to capture important and interesting moments of her journeys with such economy of word and clarity of thought that make readers feel as though they walked right close by her. The writing is enriched by her unique perspective on traveling because she sets out to discover the world. The things she uncovers in the different places, the memorable locales, the inimitable experiences, the rich cultures, and the peoples are treasures that are brilliantly documented in this wonderful book. The writing is gorgeous and the fully drawn settings are embellished by the photos and illustrations that translate the tone and experiences of the writing. The author has a strong sense of imagery and while writing about places and experiences, she allows her humanity and that of others to shine through the book. Places I Remember: Tales, Truths, Delights from 100 Countries is a gorgeous offering to fans of travel memoirs. 

Reviewed By: Daniel Rhodes

Reviewed Date: January 30, 2023

Category: Non-Fiction - Travel

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