Pawprints On Our Hearts: How A Few Incredible Dogs Changed One Life Forever


Author:Kerk Murray

  • Publisher: Winter Press Publishing
  • Publication Date: August 6, 2021
  • Number of Pages: 174
  • ISBN-10: 0578248662
  • ISBN-13: 978-0578248660
  • ASIN: 0578248662

Pawprints on Our Hearts: How A Few Incredible Dogs Changed One Life Forever by Kerk Murray is a deeply moving memoir that intelligently documents the author's journey from loss and pain to redemption, accompanied by lovely canine companions. It is one of the best books that capture the connection between human beings and dogs. In the letter to readers, the author notes: ''When I recall the defining moments in my life, I can’t help but think of the animals who changed me.'' Kerk Murray didn't start out as a dog lover; he loved animals and always felt that taking care of them was a venture that only benefited the animals. In moments of loss and pain, struggling to stand up emotionally, he found love and support from his dogs — Chelsea, Lexi, Maximus, Spartacus, and Gunner.

Pawprints on Our Hearts is the story of someone who was bullied as he grew up in Atlanta, depressed, and struggling with drug abuse. Through the connection he had with his dogs, he was able to forge ahead, embracing change and healing from the wounds and bruises in his heart. As a tribute to the companions who stayed with him and helped him cope with the lowering moments, he started Lexi's Legacy Foundation to offer care to abused animals. I am not a dog lover; I have never had one. But this book drew tears to my eyes and made me want to adopt a dog. It is a moving story that examines the role those canine friends play in our lives. It is incredible to learn that dogs can bring the light we need to walk out of the darkness in our souls. Told in excellent prose and in a voice that is confident and engaging, Pawprints on Our Hearts inspires a love for animals while exploring the painful edges of the human heart in need of love and healing. Buy two copies of this book — one for yourself and one for any dog or animal lover. It shows with indisputable certainty that dogs have hearts. 

Reviewed By: Kim Calderon

Reviewed Date: October 9, 2022

Category: Memoir

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